October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 3/5

  1. At this point Rob really needs some serious help. Are the paparazzi making him afraid to go outside?
    Biden or Bernie 🤦🏾‍♀️ We are screwed.
    Damn Tavis I hope you have the money, doubt you’ll win an appeal.

  2. I mean..Did he forced them? They can’t call rape on this one with Tavis.. But damn, they can’t sleep with co-workers? He probably slept with some becky’s and one of them yapped their mouth.

    There will never be a woman president and I never had hope for her tp begin with

  3. People think their vote makes a difference when presidents are already chosen long before.
    I feel for Rob. I feel like he didn’t want to sell out the way his sisters did. And he’s been miserable and/tortured ever since.

  4. I heard that Chyna is broke and that’s why she’s yachting in Dubai. IMO, both Rob and Chyna are petty.

    Megan and Harry look amazing.

    Future and R Kelly…smh

  5. Think Future is trying to get her arrested, so he can swoop in and take custody, and he won’t have to pay her child support while they sort it out. He ain’t sh*t for any of this, but I can’t say that I agree w/her social media approach either. It is interesting to see two scorpios battle it out.

    Pray a judge steps in and makes them both act right for the sake of the child.

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