October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “The Truth About Beyonce’s Being Accused Of Fraud By Wedding Planner

    1. Not a Beyoncé fan but that is not true.
      Per Reports:
      the high priest of the Church of Satan and a leading expert on Satanism both told the International Business Times on Friday that the rumors are entirely baseless. Her name spelled backwards is gibberish and means nothing.

      1. Ok but can you really trust the word of a ‘high priest of the church of satan’? I don’t think the foundation of a satanist is to tell the truth in fact it probably goes against everything they do. Satan is the great deceiver…you need a better source than that

  1. Me neither, but I bet Beyonce and Jay Z knew about it. Good for Veronica, the Carters are bullies.

  2. Hmm, now this makes more sense why Blue Ivy won that award. I bet that award was bought and paid for to solidify her “icon” status. More ammunition for Bey and Jay’s to fight back the wedding planner.

  3. I’m rooting for veronica. Giselle is a bag of shit talking about blu a style icon. I feel bad for them when blue gets older i hope she gtf away from them. That’s crazy just like she said rules ate rules and they should follow them too tf

  4. Beyoncé is definitely delusional. Blue Ivy is not a cultural icon lmao. I hope Veronica sticks to her guns & wins this case. Blue Ivy I’m telling y’all gonna come out against her parents once she gets older & spill ALL the sugar.

  5. I don’t think the lady is going to win this case for many reasons.
    1) they will not take her serious with that Illuminati claim, simply bcuz they will say it’s just rumor & it doesn’t exist.

    2) what if the carters bribe the judge? Or decide to pull strings

    3) just like Cathy white, what if they make the lady disappear?

    4) they might argue, well if it is in fact a satanic name, why does the lady wants it anyway?

    5) watch how Beyonce will leak the story or spread it to her goons to bully the lady🙄

    If at the end Beyonce doesn’t win, she will pull the race card

  6. How annoying. I wonder what tricks she has up her sleeve for the twins. Is she gonna demand a national holiday? The nerve!

  7. I do not believe that is what it means in Latin. I think that lady ruined her case by saying that it is attached to something “satanic”… Then why do you want it so bad? I really want Morales to win this case to teach those two demons a lesson, but I believe they will bribe the hell outta the judge presiding over the case with their millions, which I am surprised they haven’t done so yet. That lady had the name first and she deserves to keep it as she followed the legal protocols for it. Idk who Beyonce thinks she is, but ain’t no one checking for her daughter or ever thought she was a cultural icon or stylish. What world is this chic living in?

  8. I thought the carters were trying to trade mark “blue ivy carter”. The wedding planners company is “blue ivy”. She’s not going to win. You can trade mark similar names, spelled different.

  9. I am sure they offer her money it’s been 2 years and she must had said No, I don’t see her backing down.

  10. I’m sorry but Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Pressley and Marilyn monroe aren’t cultural icons to me either…if it were Katy Perry trying to trademark the name, would it still be a problem?

    If she really did think satanism or illuminati were behind this, then why is she trying to dance with the devil?

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