October 4, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/5/2020

  1. I read about Maia Campbell on LipstickAlley this morning. So sad what she is going through.

    I don’t like Sandra Rose but it wouldn’t surprise me about Megan Thee Stallion. Her image is manufactured and fake. She probably has alot of skeletons and she’s a liar (her arrest, this contract situation, now this).

    1. Is lipstick alley on ig??? If so wats they @??? I be Trynna find them but never can. And is Maia just bipolar or she been ran down on too by the industry???

    2. I knew she was a lier when she went on live explaining about her mug shot when everyone noes she assaulted her mother

      1. What u talking about Nba YoungBoy, what u trying to say he getting his manhood took from him?I need more on this topic ASAP

  2. First I want to say loving the new layout G & crew ❤ also I want to was those Models NEyo partying with…Male 🧔🏾 because WE all know he likes to dabble with man puss looool

  3. Tinashe didn’t say anything different from what anyone else was saying about north west and that video. I didn’t want to believe it but y’all go harder on people when they have something to say about the kardashians than you do about the bullshit the kardashians pull time and time again smh.

  4. Why did people care so much about Megs past? Damn when people can’t find things to drag you about they dig deeper and deeper but for what?

  5. I like nba youngboy but im hipp how the industry love giving out dick.

    Joie and lori been dealing with future the same time can we get more scoop on that triangle, square or circle? I know his bm britt in there somewhere.

    Maia i always think of her.

    Meg been giving me lying teas and stripper teas. Carl get tf from problometic ppl.

    1. Yea man Meg got a lot going on and it seems a lot is about to hit the fan on her and her past…i guess🤷🏽‍♀️ Her name is popping right now.

  6. Chile… where the hell did they dig Sandra Rose up from?? I haven’t heard that name in a minute!

  7. Tinashe still tight over Ben Simmons so she coming for Her niece smh that’s corny

    Who cares if Doja doesn’t date black men? People need to stop giving they confidence over to these people in the public eye. And besides all these black that done said they don’t date black women and I don’t see men rallying to say wtf..but the women are rallying against Doja. Match the energy and say oh well fellas now y’all know how we feel COUNTLESS times.

  8. Well something is definitely going on with Meg. This not paying attention to the contract is really NOT a good look since a big part of her promo is the “college educated”. Graduating from college or having degree doesn’t mean that you will completely understand a contract, but most of us know good and well NOT to sign one until you got/get with someone who can help you understand. Needless to say I am picking up a lying vibe from her.

    Poor Maia 😢. But doesn’t she suffer from mental illness? Poor thing is self medicating.

  9. Wow..big changes on the format!!! Nice work, but its gonna take me a moment to get used to it.

    Oh wow..poor Maia. That girl has been living with being severely bipolar all her life and self medicating. Her mom tried to get her hwll for so long.

    I just have never gotten onto the Meg train. I dont like her…dont like her vibe. Hate the constant twerking and whatever that’s called…driving the boat? She just gives me fake, phony vibes.

  10. So is Meg about to go thru a humiliation ritual? Seems like these things are all happening at once.

  11. your meg tea has been true. i went to school with her for a year in college and interacted with her a bit. she definitely did used to hit her mom. and she’s a pathological lair

    1. Sandra Rose??? That’s one bitter biddy, who’s easily influenced to lie when she dislikes someone for no reason. All the ATL celebs from the late 90s/early 00s know they can go to her for favorable coverage by throwing her a bone. TI & Tiny strung her along for years feeding her lies.

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