October 3, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal from 2/17

  1. Well dang is Zendaya Lesbian? I’ve always got that vibe. Or at least bisexual.

    What was Matthew doing and saying Sandra? Spill the tea lol

  2. Off topic but i just Wanna know about Tamar and her new bf and Vince. Like where is Vince, was he Lady Gaga & Tamar handler??? Like i wanna know all about them and wat happened.

  3. It’s 2020 and these celebrities still need to hide their sexuality? Zendaya gives me BDE vibes lol

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper lovefest was so cringey. The way he humiliated his daughter’s mother all the time by galvanizing with Gaga like that, was very uncomfortable to watch.

    Drake is a simp plain and simple. All these beautiful women he has had chances with-he continues to mess up. Disgraceful!

    I truly hope J.Lo relationship survives…but only time will tell.

    After reading about Sally Richardson and Matthew McConaughey sexcapades. I’ve looked at him differently now! Lol

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