October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/2/2020

  1. Kanye didn’t fire the whole choir. All these years and Chuck D is the real clown smh. Flav isn’t even a Bernie supporter so why would he perform for free. Flav always been about his coin.

  2. What are you talking about Chris and I broke up after Royalty
    Kanye has lost his mind
    Flavor flav how you gonna fire him
    Boo boo ain’t gonna happen with Rihanna she doesn’t date endangered species
    Ray j and baggy eye princess are getting on my last nerves
    And boo hoo jlo that’s karma for all the stuff you did
    Who the heck is zaza?

  3. 9 freaking months. What a slap in the damn face.

    Who is Zaza? And was Kanye using a specific choir for his Sunday services? I’d assumed he was using local choirs each time for some reason.

    1. I dont know why people are all on social media going in on a little girl ……shoot my baby used to come home after church to have his church ….i would invite everyone……what im basically saying kids sing their favorite song and dances ……leave her alone …..as a parent you always pump up your kids

      1. Exactly, but well it is always in season to hate anything Kardashian concerned.

  4. Someone please recommend a good psychologist to Tinashe, she needs to let the anger go, it might not be easy but it is due time.

  5. Jennifer’s performance was not even close to Oscar worthy. The movie was disappointing and a waste of time to watch.

    1. I guess she feels if Halle Berry can win an Oscar for her role in Monster’s Ball so can she😏😏

    2. Yeah the ducking nerves for her to think she deserves an Oscar. This is what happens when they let mediocre artists get too big. She thinks she should cause she could but naw. Fuck her. She’s lucky to have gotten this far…

  6. Mmm that’s definitely ZaZa’s song if I was her mom I would want my cut from the Kardashian/West’s too. Their always capitalizing from black culture without giving credit.

    All pedos, rapists, and sex offenders should get the max sentence and castrations!

  7. You’re really defending Kim for stealing that little girl’s song? And yet you shade Cardi and Bey for allegedly doing the same? It doesn’t matter who that child is, the mother has a right to go after anyone who tries to steal a song, kartrashian should have gave credit tf.

    JLO’s hustlers was a good movie but not Oscar worthy.

    And that coach should have been burned at the stake.

    1. But that’s how this site is. Everything the KKKs do is excused and acceptable. G defends Kim and her krew like her paycheck depends on it 😂😂

  8. Who the hell is Zaza?

    Why Jennifer thinks she is Oscar worthy is beyond me.. It’s quite laughable honestly

  9. Nobody is talking about how CARL CRAWFORD IS A BULLY AND LIAR …..FUCK ugly ass Carl he is a simp ….throws a rock and hides behind J prince ……

  10. Don’t feel bad for Megan should of read you in college girl. So Carl when from baseball to record label lol
    Kanye done lost his mind for north screaming on the mike at fashions week now this …
    Flav just don’t fuck with Bernie so no you can’t fuck with him.
    Chris looking like drake now a oopsis back
    Ray j broke now so they tryna make something shake
    Jlo you wasn’t all that in the movie you just had a leading roll

  11. Mannnnnn…Megan run honey run! Harris County, Texas ain’t shit! Don’t believe me? Ask Steve Harvey’s current and legal wife Mary Harvey.

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