October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Dropping Sugar on Everybody

  1. NM continues to cheapen herself & ruin her brand by getting involved w/the worst men. What’s going to happen if/when her “husband” does something to her? She’s so superficial & insecure that she values rapists/murderers that can please her sexually over her own self worth, self esteem, morals & values

    I thought Madonna was good w/the elites forever?

    This Meghan situation is very messy & will be interesting to see which end of the spectrum she ends up

  2. so can Madonna still give everything back to save her soul or is it too late?
    my GOD the video gave me chills.

    1. It’s never too late but when you have enjoyed that much comfort in wealth, it is easy for the devil to convince you to second guess if you can live without that false comfort, also the way people subtly or outrightly insult these celebrities when they fall out of six figures must have them scared of being laughed at.

  3. Peep how Madonna got upset because they didn’t do more. “You were supposed to give me 10!” Smh… I’m a little confused on how Lyor has divided T. Farris and Carl Crawford. They’re both a part of 1501??? Can you go into this more G? I bet whatever Meg’s contract stated is the standard for a new artist and the same as what she would’ve gotten anywhere else; whether fair or unfair. She seems ready to burn the bridge with 1501. Not gonna lie but I felt a little intimidated after seeing Carl post a pic with J. Prince lol… I don’t know if that was a thinly veiled threat or what. The timing of it was no bueno in terms of appearance. Ultimately I’m sure Meg will get her way and sign to another label but signing with any label these days is a gamble. Considering the life span of artists, she better be saving up/investing her coins! Nicki’s big D comment was lame. Once she gets over the dickmatization of it all, she’ll realize how foolish and fast she’s been with Kenny. I have a bad feeling that he won’t let her go easily once she finally does try to leave.

    1. Lyor is the king of turning friends against each other. You see the way he turned Jay against Dame and ruined Roc A Fella. He probably doing the same at 1501 turning crawford against Ferris or vice versa.

      1. Ok, now I just read that T Farris was the one who took her to Roc nation so the divide and conquer thing makes more sense. They are really trying to make Carl the bad guy in this whole thing but he did give her a part of her master’s and other things that aren’t being highlighted in the media. Her contract was pretty standard and Roc Nation is jumping in trying to look like the savior. Well, I hope everything works out for all parties…

  4. Yeah yeah yeah Nicki we know his dick big and he dick you down something fierce…what else he got? How his pockets size? How his business portfolio size?…crickets? That’s what I thought.

    1. That’s not of your business. Where’s your business profolio? What’s your pocket size? Mind the business that pays you

    2. Cardi really got y’all changing because I never see any post about cardi and the real negative crap she does lol

  5. You know J. Prince is the truth if Jay Z says to be careful lol And Jay Z got protection from the elites 😂

    1. JPrince has always been the truth. You can have Elite protection but the streets are still the streets.

  6. Again heavenhollywood your bringing up nicki and her husband for what my G. Like come on bruh your making yourself look mad suspect homie. She has every right to defend her husband. You sure your not jealous of kenny bro

    1. Y’all mad that heav don’t like that broke ass men with 5 kids and no job get over it some of us see threw the bullshit.

  7. At this point f Carl Crawford ……Meg was with put management for a long time ….that is not how you do business…… Carl just mad he wasnt getting anymore pussy ….Bye Carl

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