October 3, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Decipher Britney Spears Break The Ice Video

  1. also remember that song she took to the radio station that they only played once and was then BANNED from the airwaves, and in the chorus she says “she’s been cloned!!!”

  2. This video was nuts, I remember back then I didn’t really take in the lyrics but the beat and video had my attention fully. 🤯 I’m glad I wasn’t going crazy at that age.

  3. Wow this is wild & the comments in that video are something talking about the cloning from years ago & how it fits w/the Mona Lisa song

    Then there was another comment in there that Britney/Justin were killed a long time ago & they posted this on Britney’s IG page & it got deleted

    So is the real Britney gone or is she still around?

  4. I was listening to Brit’s catalog the other day too. To me, her music was about her life story. The fact that she had a handful of hits, yet they had hidden meaning to it…damn, she’s truly THEE pop princess, I love her! Don’t know if we’re looking at the real Brit now, but I think the real one has been gone since her Circus album, because the new songs I’m hearing now, sounds nothing like her.

    If she’s still alive and well, I pray she gets out unscathed. I see her fan base is still on her team’s ass, they know what’s up, but the team clearly doesn’t care. I feel like they may just kill her off just to shut everyone up.

    1. Does Britney write her own songs? IMO, this only makes sense if she’s writing the songs AND is the creative force behind her videos.

      1. That’s why I said she doesn’t sound the same after her Circus album. I believe she had hands on a handful of songs from her earlier catalog, not talking about hits, but songs on the album that weren’t as popular. Anything after ‘07-‘08 is questionable though

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