October 4, 2022

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16 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Old Rock Sugar Version

  1. All those rockers was a bunch of pervs cause back then it wasn’t as serious of a thing as it is now for celebs or even regular people. That’s why so many older generation couples have such a large age gap between them. Still sick. And I see a lot of these underage groupies grow up and then start talking about how they regret living that lifestyle because they themselves done popped out kids and don’t want a grown man touching them. I’m sure their parents had the same feelings.

    Love when you spill rocker tea G! Keep it going!!!

  2. Where is Sly Stone now? I watched his unsung years ago and last I heard, he finally owns or will get royalties for his music.

      1. Not the eye roll!! I figured he would finally get something stable to live in. Well DAMN

  3. Got the moves like Jagger huh? Lol, he waited a year. And Robert Plant – those sisters were crazy. That rock sugar is good.

  4. “Sly Stone” lol, I read too quick and somehow saw “Sly Stallone” I said damn Rocky had women in a dungeon 😂

  5. Whoa the tea 😂😂!! And “Don’t come around here…” is one of my favorite songs by Tom Petty and his crew lol. Omg to the thought that Stevie Nicks gave him the idea 😂.

  6. YAAAAASSSS MORE OF THIS TEA PLEASE! I’d love to know some more zeppelin stories, but I’m also scared at the same time because they are my favorite.

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