October 3, 2022

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20 thoughts on “How Snoop Dogg’s Masculinity Served As His Sacrificed on Red Table Talk By The Triple Goddess Ritual

  1. Thank goodness I don’t watch the show. Never had an interest in It before and definitely don’t now.

  2. I don’t like jada or care for her wack show and bisexual Hershey chocolate booty licking husband

  3. These simpletons want to argue on the IG page when I said there is something symbolic with the “Red Table” and it’s most likely involving the occult. People think we are reaching when in reality these people use double meaning in everything they do

  4. Before I started following the blog and learning about the demonic things that take place in the industry, such as rituals and sacrifices, certain things just didn’t feel right to me. And as I got older, just because of the way people I thought were for me but turned out to be for themselves, made me change my way of thinking and now I’m more skeptical of certain people, certain situations and look at things from a different lens. I have a “what if” or “there’s something else that’s not being told” outlook. And most times I turn out to be right. And it may take time before it comes out but there’s little tell tell signs to know something is off. I notice certain things and people in the industry are shoved down our throats and we’re just supposed to accept it. I don’t have the desire to be a follower or to accept certain things that are presented to me because they present it as glitter and gold. Thank you G for opening our eyes to the BS and lies that they’re feeding us. You are the BEST💯

  5. Well written. I guess my soul/spirit is super woke. I have nerver watched a single episode nor clips & All music/every artist has satanic messages etc. Will stay ild school. Also I noticed 90% of everything on netflix has to do with witchcraft, satan or magic.

  6. What can be used to bless can be used to curse. In this case they are using this to usurp the Black community in their emasculation and depopulation agenda.

  7. I used to watch/listen to RTT, but I stopped for some reason. I used to think it was a show in healing, but most definitely the Snoop episode troubled me from the standpoint that Snoop been calling women bitches, hoes, and tricks, but now Jada felt attack because Gayle was called one. If a female was going to take Snoop to task about disrespect of women, it should have been done twenty-five years ago, in which I know women, but this was some Bullshit.

  8. I only watched the show when Jordan woods was on there. What was her reason for being on the show or what was there reason for having her on there?

  9. Sooooo now this whole show makes sense. The very first time I seen this was years ago and I thought it was a one time thing. Hmmmm very interesting how this all pan out

  10. Yeah I’ve never been interested in watching Jada talk for years. She been off since she was in that Rock band after the Matrix

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