October 3, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Word Has It 2/25/20

  1. Why hasn’t Instagram deactivated this girl’s account for making death threats? Also, it’s apparent her little self is on drugs…

  2. Honestly I like this bhad baby girl something in my gut tells me outside of social media if you meet her in person she would be cool, she’s just young and wild like we all was and we all had that one non black girl at our school that acted black but she was our home girl…and skai she reminds me of the girl in high school that plays innocent but is a low key HIGH key hoe but always talking shit about the known hoe just so people won’t notice her hoeness lmfao.

  3. Can someone just whoop her ass back into obscurity please? And why are these rappers not being arrested for openly sleeping with her underaged ass?

    1. Somebody please do it before I make her get the switch and do it myself 😩😩. Every time I look up, she beefing with girls over community peen. They were never hers to begin with, she cant be mad about the Gerber thot going after the same men

  4. This like the 2nd or 3rd female this girl done came at over a dude that’s twice both they age I’m sure. Remember she wanted to fight Iggy over playboy carti and she stay beefing with that other fast tail girl Malu over dudes. This just shows these men want pussy they don’t care about yo young ass, they using this child for one purpose, SEX and it’s disgusting! Her mama Skai mama and everyone involved should be ashamed but they don’t feel shame smfh.

  5. I mean at least this time shes fighting a girl her own age amd mot a grown woman over a man but then again these little girls are fighting over MAN

  6. Need they asses whopped !!! Like little ass girls !!!! And Skai don’t even look like she would be doing all of that. Buttttt hmmmmm seems as though these innocent ones are the ones out here doing all of that !

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