October 4, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Updates Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant What I Found Out

  1. Chileeeeee nah G that was some good ass tea i just sipped on and need to go straight to the dam dentist cause i have cavities all up and thru this mouth hunny!!! Lord have mercy!! Cardi and Pop Smoke..dam!!!

  2. They killed kobe that’s all I’m gonna say
    I hope he didn’t sell out
    Either way 😞 Rest In Peace Gianna Payton Alissa Kobe and everyone else
    Nipsey was assassinated diddy probably did it

  3. Oooo pop smoke and Cardi were “closer” than anyone knew?!?! As in…. you know? Dang he was only 20, if your saying what I think your saying when did this occur?!?! Now his collab with Nicki on the Welcome To The Party Remix making a little more sense cause I had heard that Cardi wanted to be on it but He collaborated with Nicki instead, I thought it was just barbz trying to be petty. Maybe that’s why he worked with Nicki…to be petty!

    1. They killed Nipsey ? Kobe , & Gianni. I cannot believe differently smh
      Pop smoke death is absolutely fishy af & there’s mad stuff surrounding it. Can’t wait to hear what comes out

  4. Yep the youtube psychics are saying he was dating a high profiled married chick whose husband had him set up and killed by bloods in Cali. There’s only one chick that could be. This particular couple cut their comments off or smthn supposedly

    1. Yoooo…. I’ve never heard of him at all. But, I follow a Bravo page on IG and they reported that a rapper was killed at one of the HW homes. The article wasn’t his audience so they kind of glossed over his career. She’s John Mellencamp’s daughter, Beverly Hills cast Teddi something. 😶😧 smh..

      1. I found an article. It says they rented it out, through a third party agency 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. I know pop smoke was at star brims baby shower so that’s very possible with him and Cardi b. But I thought crips and bloods didn’t fuck with each other? They all getting along now? Lol

  6. This is some good tea. Yeah, everyone wondered why Kobe’s helicopter was granted permission to fly, when LAPD and etc helicopters were grounded due to the heavy fog. Things that make you go hmmm.

  7. But I have never seen the footage of Kobe and all victims getting into helicopter. Anyway they know what they did to them.

  8. I do believe PopSmoke was a sacrifice for Cardi or star. He was front and center for all of star brims baby shower pictures on January 30.

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