September 30, 2022

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61 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of The Industry : Vanessa Watch Out For Serpents

      1. Cause they already know about the industry. They ain’t faking nothing no more. They are what you would call loose cannons. I wouldn’t be surprised if his father or mother passed away.

  1. I tried in the beginning to NOT think this was a sacrifice but that Gemantria Channel, A Call for an uprising & another channel really has eloquently laid out the numbers, dates & rituals for this ALL to not be a coincidence

    LeBron who has been doing the most attention whoring since Kobe’s death picks today to either ban being filmed or not @ the memorial at all. Either way, LeBron wasn’t a real friend of Kobe’s anyways. Funny too he’s getting sued for $33 million specifically for use of “more than an athlete”

    Some of the ppl there had fake condolences & others you couldn’t tell if they were crying bc they were scared they could be next or simply knew the camera was on them & wanted to play up their grief

    MJ seemed the most genuine in his speech, however isn’t him, Shaq & all of them in the Black Boule or whatever?

    Funny today that article is released of B banning photos which she’s been doing since the Incredible Hulk SB photos, but that viral video of her “comforting” Vanessa is everywhere & now makes me uncomfortable.

    How long did everyone know they planned on taking out Kobe? Bc it was mentioned by someone in November this would happen early this year & Jay-Z volunteered that the Carter’s & the Bryant’s spent NYE together

    Also was Gigi a sacrifice too bc she’s the only one that followed Kobe’s basketball footsteps? Is this why they’re both gone bc Kobe didn’t want his daughter in the industry?

    I think like our other black legends, TPTB want the money & will do anything to get it. I hope nothing happens to Vanessa. That would be incredibly awful & she’s truly been through more than enough

  2. Is this why she had their actual funeral and burials before this “industry memorial”? Seems like she may be aware or sense it and had their actual real funeral privately (as she should have) before the industry could get their hands in it. Like she buried them before anyone could see it or get to them publicly. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through as a wife and a mom missing one of her babies forever…

    1. She knows. She most likely had them cremated. When your dealing with these spirit it’s best to have your loved ones cremated and ashes spread to breaks all chains. If Vanessa stays in California that’s a clear sign she is in on it. If she moves “to be closer to family “ she is literally running for her life. Watch…

  3. As a huge Bey fan, the last few years I’ve lost interest due to her changing. As a performer she’s amazing without a doubt, but her known fan…at a memorial service? It was a bit tacky to me, even her suit (Which I did like) but it wasn’t appropriate even if she didn’t want to do black why Beige? Maybe he did truly like those two songs, but it’s the industry so I can understand to some point why it’s deeper than that.

    I did find it odd there weren’t any Laker colors. What Vanessa did today showed bravery and as a fan I’m blessed she allowed this. She and The Girls are forever in my prayers, Jordan’s speech was beautiful and I’m glad he made everyone laugh.

  4. This post is so deep, It’s gonna take a few reads to try and understand and I agree…RUN Vanessa! Don’t let these devils in!!!

  5. I knew this was a sacrifice from the moment they announced the memorial and they had the purple and yellow monarch butterflies!! Been waiting for this G!

  6. Why do you believe Vanessa is some innocent victim? She said herself she was his soulmate and best friend. You don’t think she didn’t know what Kobe was into? What Hollywood is really about? She’s been in the industry for 23 years. She knows what’s up. I just pray for the babies. The adults are a lost cause.

  7. We all know about “halo” it was eerie watching her perform that at a memorial service. Giselle seems so out of touch with reality tho. Like Jay is pumping her with something to keep that smirk on her face.
    I just hope the other children are safe I’m sure Vanessa will really find a way to stay out of the media

    1. Yes! She does seem out-of-touch with reality. For so long I struggled with how to sum up her issue: “out-of-touch with reality” is the perfect fit.

  8. When i saw the clip of her singing xo i was as like wtf she singing that song for.

    Then in another clip of her comforting vanessa and she put her head down i just saw the fakeness in Giselle

  9. Why do you tell Vanessa to be careful as if she doesn’t know what’s going on? The whole memorial was a performance

  10. WOW 😱! This is a lot. But I noticed all those pretty red roses up around the stage. I said to myself, why not go with white roses, since it was a time of death. I said this last night, Vanessa needs to watch herself and be smart about her & her remaining family. Those devils know everything she has inherited from Kobe and they want in.

  11. Beautiful teaching!!!! Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Beyonce performing told it all. Talking bout that was Kobe’s favorite song. Damn lying witch.

  12. It’s hard to believe that Vanessa is in the dark on how the industry runs. I believe that the spouses, significant others or any persons that are attached to the Star 🌟 are initiated in to a certain degree. They know not to go running their mouth. Be seen and not heard. Vanessa probably wanted to divorce Kobe in the past because of this mess. Not because he was cheating. That’s what they want us to think. That’s why they often date those in the same line of business. Keeping it in the family so to speak.

    Secondly, whose to say that Vanessa was not already down? I mean Jlo, Beyonce…. birds of a feather flock together. And if she was not flocking she was forced. Unfortunately, if that’s the case (God rest her soul) Gigi may have been groomed for such as time as this. Or her dad just didn’t take them seriously. Either way there’s a reason one of the first things they put out was that Kobe and Vanessa vowed never to fly together…. REALLY.? How did they know that if Kobe was dead and Vanessa was barely existing when she got the news? It was probably supposed to be a hit on Kobe and Vanessa. Kobe and Vanessa both knew what was going on. Some how they negotiated to leave one parent. No way not buying anything else.

    If everything that is being reported in this article should be taken as fact than let’s go DEEP. When people do dark things for the Love of fame and fortune there’s no end to how far they are willing to go. I’ve seen this from everyday people working a regular job.

    BTW there’s nothing new under the sun. Just new people. History repeats itself. TRUST. EITHER YOU SACRIFICE OR BE A SACRIFICE.

    All of this is just me thinking in terms or sacrificial offerings or whatever they trying to spin on us for extra ratings…smh

  13. I thought the last part of the post looked familiar – i follow 2larryjohnson7 on IG and he posted this information and more with a bit more detail. He breaks down information really good.

  14. This MEDUIM said Satan said Jay is his son and he Aliester Crowley, he changed him to a white men who really hate black men but like sleeping with the black boys , she said this in a reading a month ago. She also said that Satan said he didn’t give Jay the ok to Nipsey , and for that he would have to pay for it.

    1. Yea its eerie,especially XO. if u listen to the first 3seconds of the song..theres audio of a pilot having trouble 🤔

  15. Although is a security measure for the very wealthy to not travel In packs for this very same reason, not for one second I think Vanessa is not with the shit. She was most likely Kobe’s handler too. These elites don’t just let their slaves marry and be with whoever. She well knows what these deaths were. Her hair style at the memorial had me side eyeing here. (The irony)

    I thought B was being her usual self… attention seeking narcissistic self. I think she’s a hell of an entertainer but I really don’t like the woman. She’s really fake and demonic. JLo is not as bad she has a sweet side to her but she’s also another one. Vanessa ain’t no different. She’s going to have to live with the fact she let her daughter get sacrificed.

    I don’t think the carters will eventually need to sacrifice someone. They are obedient puppets to their masters. As long as they stay in line they will be fine.

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