October 4, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Lebron James

    1. I don’t think he personally sacrificed him but I do think that Kobe was sacrificed in order for Lebron to elevate. Kind of like Beyonce didn’t sacrifice Aaliyah but Aaliyah was sacrificed in order for Beyonce to elevate and become the Queen Bey that she is today.

      1. I’m inclined to think he didn’t attend but now he gets more attention which he loves by being the subject of did he/did he not attend. He’s a drama queen! Maybe his wife wouldn’t let him attend with Giselle there 😃

      1. There was a video of him online being there. Hardly noticeable, he was A couple rows behind MJ somewhere if I recall correctly. He wanted to be low key from what it looked like

  1. Lol this LITERALLY is the same trending thread on LSA

    I’ll say this, I don’t think LeBron was there. All these fan videos I’ve seen of every celebrity, every NBA Legend, the entire Lakers team & coaching staff BUT LeBron, former Lakers & even Vanessa’s little girls who weren’t authorized to be filmed was caught by a fan video, but the current face of the Lakers isn’t there?

    It’s a little weird. Then the random screen grabs of ppl claiming LeBron went, only for it to be revealed it was Ron Artest or some other athlete

    LeBron & Kobe weren’t close like Kobe was w/MJ but the whole thing is weird when the past month LeBron has said the following:

    1) he’s going to take Kobe’s legacy on his back which is putting ridiculous amount of pressure to accomplish what Kobe did

    2) Said Kobe’s spirit came inside of him to replicate a dunk from 19 years ago


    3) the weird snake Mamba tattoos

    All of that & you can’t give an answer to whether or not you were there, but you can give a blow by blow of the entire Memorial, what you thought about Vanessa, but it’s too much to say a simple yes or no?

    This is just adding more fuel to the fire & making this a bigger story than it needs to be, & LeBron is enjoying this bc he did this all the time in Cleveland

  2. He said all of that to avoid answering the question. If he would’ve came and sat down, no-one would’ve questioned anything. Now it’s about whether he showed up. Once again, you made shit about you

  3. im in no position to judge this situation & neither is any one else. whether he was there or not, this shit hurts on a level that i cant even describe & i didnt know any of the victims personally. so i can only imagine how people who knew them feel. Lebron constantly got cameras in his face,waiting for him to cry too much or not enough,scrutinizing every word he says,saying he killed Kobe,calling him the next Kobe………its too much. if he was at the private service,what does he have to prove to anyone at this public service? most people made it about Beyonce any way

  4. At this point, it really doesn’t matter if he was there or not. I think most people, well most of us here already peeped game. That like many people, in this puzzle of Kobe being sacrificed or in a fatal accident, LeBron has something to gain. He is one of the moving pieces to stand a chance of making more bank and even more notoriety off that man’s(Kobe) lifeless body in the ground. So LeBron, either way it goes we know you are fake. A basketball player Showing fake love & playing the Elites game like all the rest.

  5. He knew they would talk just as much about him not being there, as they would have, if he was there. LeBum has made this about him from that start with all his attention whoring. “Hey look I got a tattoo”, “Hey look I’m going to carry on Kobe’s legacy”, “Hey look the spirit of Kobe came through me for this dunk”, then this negro had the nerve to call Gigi his “niece” in his IG post. I’ve never heard LeBum string three words together about Kobe, EVER, before this 😑. And no I don’t think he was there.

  6. Just leave LeBron alone do if he do fo if he don’t! People always have something to say! I don’t blame him, for not answering! Shit Why? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. There were too many other celebs there. MJ, jlo, Beyoncé. Trust…. the only person who had all eyez on them was Vanessa Bryant. Lebron wasn’t going to be the center of attention at ALL. But what he did and is doing now is classic Lebron. Attention seeking. He’s soooo insecure

  8. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation- he did the right thing. He let the big brothers and close friends speak. I’m sure he has paid his respects in ways we will never hear of.

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