October 4, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Truth About Snoop Dogg Appearing on Red Table Talk

  1. That’s why I won’t let up on Oprah and Gayle. They want to deflect and get back to normality but I hope people keep stepping on their necks

    1. Yep I’m sooo glad i came across G’s page on IG and got on this blog because I’m so dam woke man…like some stuff may still surprise me(not much at all tho). The industry is just to dam much! They want u to do to much shit and they would probably get rid of me so dam fast😩 glad I’m a regular person!

  2. Does she try to make everyone look foolish on her show on purpose? Like the controversy surrounding Ayesha Curry that 1 time.

  3. It makes me so mad that Oprah and Gayle absolutely refuse to speak on Harvey. I cannot and will not support anything either of them do- not that my opinion matters, but as a mother of a black son/wife of a black man- I detest them.

  4. I’ll honestly say that this site and following Larry Johnson (former NFL RB) on twitter opened my eyes significantly about the “industry” and the ritual crap that comes along with it. When I saw the witchcraft scarf Snoop had around him while presenting 2Pac’s induction into the Rock & Roll HOF, It validated everything in my mind. As far as the humiliation ritual that happen on Jada’s show, I saw a clip and I also knew this was punishment for speaking about about Kale and Okrah sisters (specifically Kale). I hope they realize that black people are beginning to wake up to their sham.

  5. several pages posted that clip on IG and Jada was being dragged in the comments. The people are not as blind as the elites think anymore. So many are against Oprah and Gayle.

  6. I get Snoop was hurt/angry. But he has been in the game too long to NOT know how this works. Even if he is speaking truth, the Elites are not going to let him bring down their biggest watch dogs. I know he has done stuff like this before and got away with it. But that’s because the people he did it to probably aren’t that important in the Elites eyes. But Oprah, she pushes a agenda to a LARGE audience, no way they are gonna let her be shamed.

  7. You sound like a mammy. Interviewing R. Kelly (a known pedophile) and producing a documentary about Russell Simmons(who moved to Bali, a country with no extradition, after 5 women accused him of rape) is not going after all black men. Stop exaggerating. These rich, wealthy black males brought this on themselves with their behavior. Now Oprah was wrong for MJ, and she deserves to be dragged for her part in that, but 99% of her platform over the past 30 years had nothing to do with black men or women for that matter. She was catering to white folks. So stop it with this fake narrative that they are out to get black men. They’re not. That’s total BS.

  8. Jada pinkett’s heart dropped like her panties for Tupac back in the day GTFOH! Snoop should’ve exposed that I’m sure he knows.. him and pac was cool.

  9. I Have never watched one episode of the red talk table not even when Jordyn Woods was on there. I think people is definitely seeing through Oprah and Gayle but hopefully it will remain consistent because you know all it takes is for Gayle and Oprah to do something to please the black community for these fake woke people and they will right back supporting them two devils.

  10. I felt so embarrassed for Snoop going on that show. It’s truly a sad state that the black population is in. Gone were the days when we had strong leaders….the men have no backbone whatsoever.

  11. As soon as I heard Jada say she felt as though he disrespected black women, I turned that shit right off. Snoop’s demeanor was off too. got damn that was literally the first 20 seconds of it then I logged off. Shows like Jada’s, breakfast club, + Wendy, are all coon shit. So sad that most of the black community watches and feeds into it. Every time someone talks about any of em, I roll my eyes. They’re mocking us and no one even peeps

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