October 4, 2022

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28 thoughts on “2/22/20 Sugar Cubes for 2/23/2020

  1. JB is all fucked up as it is. He has way too many demons on him. Don’t do it, Ye!! On the other hand, even if he doesn’t and decides to go on a solo tour, he’d still be a target 🤦🏾‍♀️ Something didn’t sit right with me when he was at the All Star Game few night ago. He was wearing red…he knows what’s up

    Khloe setting the bar even lower for herself…damn shame, she was my favorite sister once upon a time.

    DWade is pissing me off since the news broke. Bro, just come out already, stop living through your son. Sooooo will they be doing the same thing to their daughter?

  2. Khloe, a part of me understands. At her age she might be craving the feeling of settling down, with a child what are the chances of finding a man who would love her daughter? I mean there are only about 10 Russell Wilson’s in the circle that is their world, if she dates someone else, it might or might not work out, then what, another and another… Oh well! I really wish her happiness.

  3. It’s funny how Khloe will go out of her way to keep somebody like Blac Chyna out of her family’s life plus the to take her child, but Tristian is free to do what he wants when it comes to her lol

  4. Boosie son response is weird lowkey inappropriate. Regardless of whichever gender the child identifies with…They are still a CHILD. So to say he got someone that can do some thangs to turn them back straight, is lowkey pedophilia vibes. He gonna mess around and get himself in trouble.

    1. I don’t think its pedophilia vibes. I think he was just talking and i think the media just make everything/everyone so sensitive. I use to hear ppl talk like that all the time when i was younger. Its a form of speech. At the end of the day he said ppl were in his dms, talking about what his father said and that’s his response.

      1. I agree wit everything u said! Kids take up for their parents everyday especially when ppl all in they inbox so he has to let them kno he’s with the shits too lmao

  5. Tristan probably got saved and stopped cheating
    (Inserts sarcasm
    Kanye when you get out don’t go back to the devil’s playground
    Who is jay Cali?
    What happened to black Chyna face and why does she look like a sex doll?
    Dwayne we don’t care if you your daughter gabby heck kaavia wants to be a boy next
    Matt is fineeeeee but hey might be the problem
    Thank God tired of the Braxtons can they cancel teen mom next
    What’s going on with Alexxis? Why can’t she keep a man. Is she a prostitute

  6. Tank smh Zena is waaay badder than that cum bucket Corona. Like why would he?? I know that’s just industry men but everybody know what she be on like are you dumb? 🙄 And Matt damn I was rooting for you but it might be him….

  7. Ohhhh Wendy…smh😬.

    Tank, nobody believes you. That response made no sense. You screwed that girl.

    I think people need to stop talking about DWade. If nobody gives him the attention maybe he would go away 🙈🙉🙊.

  8. I didnt want to believe Wendy was back on..but her behavior lately has really made me wonder.

    Rick Ross and Jennifer Williams….odd couple

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