October 3, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes – Diddy and Lauren London… We Done Told Ya!

  1. Diddy is so arrogant! To even think for one second that posting a pic like this was ok shows that he has no bounds… And Lauren, girl… yuck!

    1. You know it…tryna play the privacy is key tip..she don’t want to do too much because she will tell it all because she looks like she talks too much. Don’t let her wanna be lowkey image fool you.

    1. That is all for the image playing as though they are sisters…just like her and Nip had been split months before he passed. People will do anything to make their image look good…Diddy definitely hits women…i’m sure he as popped her upside the head a few times. She is no different then the next chick he has had…

  2. I saw this and knew you would be on this. I immediately remembered what was explained on this blog. You are always right.

  3. Diddy has been lonely for a few months now, and he needs a woman who gets people talking. He has history with Lauren from their escapades together with Cassie. And Lauren’s money may not be as long now, a year after Nips passing….so it’s time for her to find a new sponsor

      1. She didn’t buy it…Heaven Hollywood stated how jacked up her credit was…and then he indicated from what I can remember, “Did Diddy buy the house? I don’t know?” How i’m saying it may be wrong but go on the youtube I.E. Network and he spilling tea on her…she not slick…if you look at about 2 pics of her son Kross on pinterest, you will see those exact same stairs. This trick didn’t even bother to change the wooden table where that tv is that he is sitting on nor did she change the lamps in that bedroom (hint: look at a snap video with her & Nipsey with them laying in the bed and her hair all over her head) Exact same lamp…in another pic floating around she is sitting on the carpet in their bedroom with a bottle of lotion next to her getting ready to put on some heels sandles…in the pic of that bedroom of that house that she so called bought there is no carpet and she changed the cotton bedframe…previously it was a lighter color and now it is a dark gray from those photos of the inside of that house. Don’t let her fool you…this girl is so calculated it is sad…this provides more confirmation as to why i’m glad im just an average person that lives a normal life….

  4. You are dead on it..Lauren is a ThotPocket…will do anything to get what she get’s notice how she may not be doing anymore acting…she is going to ride on Nipsey funds for as long as she can…at 35 she is sad…

  5. Chile 😂😂😂. Well I guess we know who is ONE of the men keeping her bed warm since Nipsey passed. If THIS who she was trying to keep secret from the family and fans, he sure blew the cover. I promise G isn’t the only one who caught that post and delete 😂😂😂.

  6. Maybe he put the picture out to “test the waters” so to speak? Possibly he wants to see how the public would react to them being together publicly? So he let it “slip out” to see if folks would be okay with them being together now?

  7. This is a whole ass mess! Lol Lauren fake af. She gon keep riding that Nipsey wave. That’s all she got to hold on to right now. Every last thing she’s posted or been apart of since his death had something to do with him.

  8. Lauren London posted on her page and said y’all going to stop playing with her name and that she will always be Nips lol she should say something to Puff he posted it

      1. Right😂😂😂 like girl stfu nip is gone and his bm already got that forever spot. You know damn well you still trying to secure a spot.

  9. she on i.g. going in talking bout let her heal in peace&she belong to Nip……..she should be saying that to Diddy,not us. she may very well be hurting but her non acting ass gonna make sure that bag secure sho nuff!

  10. She’s extremely upset on IG about all of this and maybe she is still grieving, but she should be more upset at Puff than Shaderoom and anyone else. He posted and added the blue hearts, plus most of the comments have been supporting her. That they understand she’ll always be Nip’s girlfriend, it’s all looking weird to me.

  11. Well didnt G say that they always have pics and videos to hold over their heads in case they get outta line and from the looks of it she done pissed illuminati diddy off. We all know he’s devious so i think he did this to warn her! She aint gave him no cooch lately 🤦

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