October 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Coming Up The Truth Behind The Fed’s Arresting Star Brim and Cardi B’s Gang Members

  1. Somebody snitched! Dude that got locked in August that was connected to Cardi we never heard from him & This is gna be interesting cause Star is vulnerable & clearly cut that deal to turn herself in. She facing 50 yrs. I wander if she gna 69 Cardi.

    1. Yep im wondering too cause when she have the baby she’s supposed to go to jail but who wants to do that after just having a whole baby🤦🏽‍♀️ Cardi better watch out!

  2. Idc idc ain’t that much friendship in the world to make me take an L like that. Star just got out and now she going right back in? Over Offcheat’s birdchest? This arranged marriage has gone too far.

    1. How does that make sense? How would she know details about old crimes to have them get indicted for it? Especially when Star was already locked up when the Nicki -Cardi beef happened?

      1. You are right they are both being charged on two separate events the attach STAR is being charged for is not the same attack Cardi orchestrated in the club ; the girls were attacked prior to the club incident with Cardi

  3. Y’all in the comments y’all do know STAR was arrested in connection to an attack on the bartenders prior to when Cardi had them attacked ? These are two separate events ….. No way start can take the fall for Cardi when she’s being charged for a completely different incident ; Star ordered the attack on the bartenders two weeks prior to when Cardi then attacked them again at that club. Also they already have the proof that Cardi orchestrated the event . This situation will be similar to 69 more than just star / Cardi going down …… In my opinion them doing a sting operation on the gang explains why Cardi was indicted for 14 counts and why the FEDS took over her case….. They were clearly already building a case against her and there may be another situation that triggered the charges

  4. Popsmoke was a sacrifice right? Had to be! My boy was on the come up! I’m from Brooklyn and he made it to Hollywood hills and got robbed 😏😏 like how!
    I knew from the moment I seen him in Paris with Virgil at the LV show they was on to him.

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