October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 2/16/20 Boris Kodjoe vs T.I

  1. Boris was only speaking the truth they better not come for him.. T.I don’t respect Tiny that’s why he always embarrassing her

  2. Boris shouldn’t even have to make a statement he said what he said and wasn’t even trying to throw shade. He was just speaking the truth

  3. He asked, he got an answer he wasn’t prepared for. If Boris is/was cheating on his wife, he wouldn’t expose his “indiscretions to TI and Tiny!

  4. We been traded T.I. out the community. Honestly I don’t follow or condone the clown shit he been doing for yrs. Meek next! I don’t participate in niggas who have female traits… It’s sad& disturbing!!!

  5. That’s what tip dumbass gets!! And the fact that I had a dream about Boris just last night and he’s in the news today is like uncanny odl 🍆!! Cuz ide listen to ti podcast in order to have Boris on my mind he just popped up. And Lord did I covet!! 😬😬😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Trash Incubator Harris is always putting his foot in his mouth. Bravo to Boris for always being classy and respectful.

  7. Boris cheats on his wife as well but he is discreet with his or at ;east they don’t want their business out on the streets

  8. Tiny Tim always out here running his mouth with all these unnecessary and misplaced big words just to end up revealing how stupid he is. Somebody please take away his phones, mics, etc…. Sick of him talking a whole bunch of nothing

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