October 4, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 2/17/20

      1. Dammmmnnn Matthew putting it down like that? You Wifey! I’m called Matthew up and tell that Scorpio to come on! A weekend him and he is my zodiac opposite? HELL YEAH! WIFE OR NO WIFE! TWO GRITS, ONE HOTEL ROOM, AND WHEN THE WORLD COLLIDES! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. Damn, these are juicy.

    All I know is the first one is about JLo and A-Rod. A-Rod was a rebound after her and Drake and she passed the test against her ex, Diddy.

    I can’t wait for the rest of the answers

  2. This one was confusing…. But I think

    1. JLo/ARod
    3. Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga

    The rest… Hope we can get final answers for them.

  3. First one is obviously JLo and Arod. Although she deserves bad karma for doing what she did with Marc. His ex wife was humiliated and threatened by Jens team back when the affair with Marc happened. Bitch set her wedding day with Marc one day after his divorced was finalized in the Dominican Republic. How quickly people forgot. She and her PR team made another woman lose her livelihood and get physically ill. You have to remember, people have family and friends even if they are famous. Deyanara went through deep deep depression while Jen was flaunting her love story and put a Gag order forbidding Deya yo never ever publicly mention her name. Marc couldn’t see his kids because Jen didn’t allow it. Fuck her. Then she wonders why she gets cheated on. She got with Marc what she deserved. He played her too. Alex probably won’t do shit cause he’s really profiting from this and also there’s nobody else as large as her that would get with him. He has herpes.

      1. At this point Jen probably has them too. Most of the industry folks probably do by sleeping with everyone.

    1. I remember clearly. I think Jlo put roots on Dayanara because Marc was happy with her and their sons. They even renewed their vows in the oldest church in Puerto Rico. They were so in love until Jlo did her Witchery. Dayanara was so blindsided, she was on suicide watch. She sunk into despair and refused to leave her room even with her kids banging on her bedroom door. It was so sad.

    1. Oooh that is a good guess! Isn’t she supposedly “in the closet”? And a big MJ fan? She definitely makes more sense!

  4. So meek ugly ass challenged his son to eat crickets for $1000. Like wtf i hate him. From what ive learned its like he’s training lil papi to do anything for money and its humiliating. Maybe im looking too much into it but I don’t like that shit.

    1. I cant Stand his ass….never could! If i saw Him in person i would Look the other way cause he most definitely does not excite me at all!!!

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