October 3, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth About What’s Truly Real and What Is Fake on Reality Tv

  1. Wow! This was a great post! I’m glad i now know wat really set Chrissy off cause wat they showed to me didn’t make sense! What about Porsha & Kenya…Porsha & Cynthia??? Jersey Shore with Mike & Ronnie and when they were in Paris and Mike hit his head on the dam wall??? Is there something going on wit Pauly D & Vinny??? And u said there is talk about Evelyn & Shaunie carpet lunching on each other??? Man i have all types of questions about Evelyn…her & Jenn…her & Tami…

    1. Season 1 I swear Vinny was gIrving me gay vibes, even more when he went home early one episode. And all that “gay innuendos” between him and Paulie. Yeahhh what’s up with that?

  2. So all of them thst got married
    Erica yandy mendeceeses princess all of them their men didn’t buy the rings? And they’re going around like they did
    What couples from love and hip hop are real G?
    Do you have a list

    1. I knew love and hip hop was fake. People only getting marry and having babies for money. There is no real love with reality stars. They will do anything for a check. Just sad reality.

    2. I remember when melody was born and princess had posted her birth certificate. She forgot to crop out the part that said she was single. Not married on there but single 🤷

      1. Whhhaaattttt????? For real? I am shocked. I really did think those two were married for real.

  3. So Joseline fighting the entire cast at the season 4 reunion was staged 🤯 I wonder how real Flavor of Love was and even shows like Big Brother and Survivor are?

  4. Trust me I know they are fake. I used to work with a few people who worked on set. I was told the process is that the top producers or the head creates the scripted drama and have a meeting with the reality stars privately before filming. They do many takes and producers usually sets up the scenes or the dramas and they edit the scenes like crazy. They choose who to be the victim as well. That is why I just rolled my eyes when people claim they do not like Kenya because I already know that it is all for the camera and the producers edits things out to make her the villain.

    1. Atlanta bloggers have alluded to Kenya saying she’s tired of being portrayed as the villain. This was before she got married.

  5. You pretty much confirmed what I always suspected. That’s why I don’t dislike anyone who’s job it is to be the “villain”, because they were told to be that way or say certain things lol.

  6. Wow! So that rumor about Chrissy’s front teeth is true! Mona should’ve aired it. That husky heffa think everyone is afraid of her.

  7. So all the weddings are fake? I want to know more about the made up drama between Joe Budden, Cyn and Tahiry. Can you clarify what is really real or is it all essentially “produced”?

  8. This is goood…explains about Erica & Safaree fake marriage..i will not be surprised when they split..whats the tea on Black Ink Chicago esp Don & Ashley marriage & Charmaine & Neek marriage….i went to high school with Don so when i see him on tv i can’t do anything but laugh 😂

  9. I loved, loved LOVED The Real World for the first maybe 6-7 seasons, but then you could see the shift. The housemates all became models/actors/singers, etc. There were no more regular people and everything just seemed scripted and expected.

    1. I use to love the Real World and peep the shift. Now I only watch the Challenge. My biggest issue with the Real World was that one black guy or girl would be in the house. Or one of each with one being either gay or bisexual or the “stereotypical” angry black man or woman. I watched hoping they would switch it up like how Dave Chappelle did it in his skit. One white guy in the middle of 6 black people. Or shit do two or three white people and the rest black. So yeah…what’s up with the casting for these shows on MTV

  10. N I’m a reality show junkie 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

    I legit watch ALL these shows you mentioned since DAY 1 and it took me a while to process the fact ALL THAT SHIT IS SCRIPTED. N now that I know that…… I CANT UNSEE IT. It’s only a few times I’ve questioned if certain scenes were real or not.

  11. This post was so good! I was reading so fast. I have so many questions but I’ll go through the other comments first so that I’m not repeating anything that’s already here!

  12. So these people are having real babies for money? Takes me back to the Peter Guns situation those women were really having kids to keep up the viewings?

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