October 3, 2022

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20 thoughts on “What Went On At The Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Oscar After Party

  1. I was under the assumption that Reese Witherspoon was a certified racist. Did I miss something on her? I’ll never understand the obession with the Kardashians but that’s just me.

  2. Rihanna is a master at this social shit. I wish she would go back to akbar or w.3 his name is and make one baby just one lol

  3. Its amazing how so many ppl have done Rih wrong & she remains the most mature out of everyone to @ least keep it cordial in public

      1. Nope! Now that I am coming into my middle 40s I am very vocal about not trying to be the bigger or mature person. I did that in my teens twenties and thirties. Now I’m all about getting it out & over with even when it includes being petty. I feel so at ease and confident 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️🤗 when I let the petty out. I’m done with being Mrs. Perfect my child is almost finished with her degree I feel free… I know I went on a rant….

  4. Adele doesn’t look the same she dropped the weight fast.

    Oh that’s where rih wore the black dress too.

    Damn do bey and reese lol she loves becky with the good hair. No offense and besides kelly i would like her to be besties with a brown powerful women too.

  5. I really want my two faves (Bey and Rih) to get along more, but I understand why they can’t 😭 … Oh and it’s always f*** camel face!!!

  6. Thanks for this exclusive shit G!! The Carters are so overrated. Banning social media like this party was fun smh. Surprised they invited Kanye and Kim. Then again, I’m not they know they have influence. Rih makes me laugh, she REALLY ain’t here for their bullshyt. Bey and Jay are really holding on and I don’t know why. Just divorce and keep it moving. Can’t wait for part 2!!!!

  7. Yea Adele HAS been looking crackish.

    What are those 2(Beyonce and Jay) up to? The guests at this party seem so random except for maybe 2. You KNOW this is ALLLLL business because if I don’t phuck with you, I am not phuckin with you. And that includes your parties 💁

  8. Jay-Z and Beyonce ain’t shit I love because she keep classy has for the invite of Kim and Kanye it’s for Jay and Beyonce Benefits no other way if it’s beneficial for them that’s the route they will go they ain’t shit period with her racist little mayonnaise friend now …

  9. G, I have one respectful suggestion: please consider condensing these multiple part stories into one so we do not have to constantly check the page for the update. I think a lot of people would prefer to just read the entire story at one time. Thank you.

  10. It seems transparent that these events and actions are all Jay-Z’s doing with Beyonce’s name just pasted on it. He brushing shoulders to get serious with film, probably. Beyonce randomly performing those 2 songs that she probably called herself wanting Oscar’s for seems odd and cheesy. Was Brown Skin even in the actual movie? SMH.

    He seems to want to get his hands on Kylie. To fuck or see why she was able to get in 2 years what he been chasing all his life . Or he wants both…

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