September 30, 2022

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29 thoughts on “The Real Reason Cardi B Is Not Rushing To Release Music

  1. Her numbers are fake. They make it seem like she doing so good. But her label is buying her succes. Her own career is base off of payroll. Good for her. She really do have to put in any hard work like all the other women in the industry. The queen of payroll.

  2. I thought it was because of Meg 😂 but good for her lol I think streaming has skewed people’s perceptions of how long it takes for a good, quality album.

  3. I believe she is successful because she is Hispanic. A lot of latino artists are way more successful that your regular us artist. Have you seen the number in YouTube more streaming than hip hop artist. It’s not hard to understand she has more people supporting her😉 my 2 cents lol

  4. And aren’t you in the dm’s with cardi so are you gonna be one of those blogs now to control the narrative of her? Oh well real people are tired of the lies that girl fell off Billboard and most saw them trying to have her cling at #99 for weeks even chart data shows that she hasn’t even been in the top 10 female artist being streamed for WEEKS on spotify AND YouTube. At this point im over the nicki and cardi shit, whatever yall got going on now or her, it ain’t the 90’s no more everyone will be exposed ON social media for us to all watch.

  5. Lmaooo this is a damn lie! No one is checking for her album. I haven’t read that anywhere. & no one is listening to that song to hear her. People are over her & realize she was pushed. I’m sure she will have some huge features on her next album. She will need it. Also I bet she is waiting to drop her album to compete with Nicki. They can deactivate that lady all they want but people are still checking for her and the new girls are calling her queen 🤷🏽‍♀️ This show biz shit is ridiculous and full of smoke and mirrors smh

    1. She won’t drop when nicki drop because nicki knows people are watching her so nicki album will be a surprise drop like how beyonce did with her album. No one is checking for cardi and her “music”

  6. I still listen to Pull Up and Thru Your Phone every single day. I like Cardi, started actually following her on Instagram in 2013. I didn’t take her seriously until her Gangsta Bitch Vol 2 mixtape. She really did have a nice album 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Y’all tried to sell us with YouTube stats 🤣🤣🤣 Nicki and Meg are on billboard and Nicki was just selling more on YT , has the most monthly listeners / listeners of all time so where exactly is she doing so well at ? I can’t

  8. But the question is, will masses of the general population still care for Cardi? The music industry moves fast and if you haven’t established yourself as a heavy hitter you left dust. YES she did extremely well, but that was before all the shenanigans with complaining, arguing, fighting, and etc that people are tired of seeing from her. And NOW there is Meg. Waiting to see how this will play out.

  9. No sure… All of her antics the last year and a half has turned alot of people off. HOWEVER tofayto society have such short term memory. The things she has done will be excused and she is back on top again. It is hard to say with Cardi, because she actually had more than on and two hits. Crazy!

    1. Nicki is the highest female rapper worldwide and Doja cat is the highest female rapper in the US for 2020 a simple research does it not what cardi retarded self tells u in the DM 🥴

  10. Cardi lost over 150000 listeners on spotify and Nicki just past 50 million. If her label is not worried then they’re being delusional. Cardi is done because payola is being investigated.

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