October 4, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everybody

  1. So Usher doesn’t have the herp??? I don’t understand the pushing of the agenda. I often wonder if these children really are wanting this or if they’re being forced by their parents for their fame.

    1. Those kids have no choice. Some of them are pledged and sold to the industry in utero. And I notice that very few celebrity kids have any talent. That is the oddest thing to me. RIP Gianna BRYANT because that was one talented child. She had it.

  2. Poor Vanessa. You can see even in her insta posts it’s like, she don’t believe Kobe and daughter are no longer there. Sad

  3. Poor thing prayers for Vanessa and her family
    😞 that’s one of steps of grief denial
    Zoe girl I had faith in you
    Brad and Jennifer yessss
    Monica girl bye
    Fabulous better let the hoe’s go
    Ronnie is psycho
    Dwayne is gay?? I should of known when gabby said she ate his booty

  4. Giselle should just make that move to divorcing him. She would really bring her hype back by doing so, what’s the reason this time?

    Lori Louglin daughter ummm that would be good PR for her fr. Take the weight off her mother. And her YouTube channel was doing good before all of this.

    Saweetie just might after she seen lori with him lol she been every where trying to come up in fame.

    We still want to know what happened with rihanna at that brunch.

    Right so do ursher have herpes or not?… out of everyone what’s his real status with this?

  5. I feel bad for Vanessa.. she is in denial? So does she think they still alive? Does she know something that we don’t know.
    Saweetie was with Diddy son? Whew Chile
    I watch Jersey Shore and also think the two Ronnie and Jen are very toxic but it look like Jen be whooping Ronnies Butt too
    And with Dwayne wade I think you hit the nail right on the head 🎯

    1. Vanessa probably hasn’t fully processed everything. Planning a funeral and being strong for her girls has you going/busy bc you’re pulled in alot of directions. Then also having the media preying on the situation does not help. It’s alot. Honestly it’s after a funeral when everyone’s is gone and you’re alone that it hits the hardest. People may check on you, but overall they go on with their life. To be strong for the other children she will need emotional support as well. To lose a husband and a child. She will never be the same.

      1. You are exactly right Sipthetea! After the memorial is finally done and everyone goes back to living their lives, comes the hardest part, putting her “new” life together without her husband and daughter. I can not imagine how hard that will be for her. My soul aches for her and the coming days. Lord have mercy on her new journey!

        AS for Monica and Shannon, I thought that someone said before that they would be living in the same house due to finances???

        I can’t see Bey and Jay divorcing until they are finished being active in the business.

        It’s too bad that Fabulous’ gf will not leave him for good. I will never truly understand why she has stayed this long and lets him abuse her, but then again money makes people do some really strange things!

        I honestly don’t even know why Saweetie is a “thing” all of these girls seem so interchangeable and the same. Why are they even famous? None of them really seem to have the “start factor”.

    2. Have you ever lost a child???? That’s bad enough then your husband of 20 years compounds the pain.

      She described it as a nightmare.

      If you saw her IG post then you can read between the lines she knows what Happened.

      1. Exactly. My daughter was murdered in 2014 and I promise you…a lot of what I posted on fb..looked and read similar to what Vanessa has posted. Grief and the unexpected loss of a child..it just hits in a way that cannot be explained. It’s like your brain shuts down and you simply cannot process the situation. I was literally talking in circles for the good part of a year following her murder. I still get lost at certain times..her death date, birthday, major holidays….

  6. Dwayna wade is blowing me every minute he’s talking about it with his duck lips.

    Poor vanessa

    Ok fabulous, emily should have cheated years before this lol

    1. I just look krazy when i see Dwayne talking about his son..talkn bout he came home one day and said “he has something to tell them” i woulda said “BOY GO SITCHO ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

      That dam dick in the booty ass Diddy bop is sad!

      And Shannon has been looking a hot ass mess since him & Monica got the divorce or wateva it is they did! And he also NEEDS TO CUT HIS DAM HAIR!!

      Bey just leave and be done so we can have to old Bey back chile!

      That dam Ronnie is a dam drunk and coke head he straight up krazy and has always been that way!

      Sofie so pretty i woulda been left Scott old drunk ass he wouldn’t have to keep threatening me! Dam fool!!

      Man Da Baby did that dam 7/8 minute video talking about a whole bunch of Nuthn…i was Like nah say wat nah Baby????🥴🥴

      Dam Zoe i never Thought she would do that to her kids🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. “Separate quarters” sounds too rich for my blood 😂 maybe Shannon will get his swag back cause he been looking kinda off in a couple recent pictures

    1. Look! We poppin bottles for her when it happens. She looks miserable, out of it and sad half the time. I can’t imagine how the kids are, especially Blue

  8. BOTH Ronnie and Jen are toxic. That relationship should have never happened.

    Diddy is sad and pathetic.

    All these gender neutral people. What is really going on. If your kid identifies with the sex they were born, why try to change them.

    Beyonice just leave.. Damn 😂.

    Poor Vanessa 😢.

    Sofia is a fool to be putting up with Scott with his drunk self.

    Dababy is a mess 😂😂.

    And YES, it is time for Lori Loughlin to go down in the clank.

    1. I want Lori to be locked up for at least a year. She knew her daughters are beautiful but dumb as a boxes of rocks. She should have stressed the importance of education early. She think she’s exempt from following the law and she’s too prideful. Give her 3 years with parole after 1 year served.

  9. I can see Diddy pimping Saweetie to the elites and her letting him cause she want an expensive lifestyle versus Cassie who was basically tricked into it.

    Vanessa Bryant already said she’s mad she’s not with Kobe and GiGi but she understands she must be strong for her other daughters…may she receive positive energy, cause I don’t know if I could be so strong if I was in her shoes.

  10. Zoe and DWade stories have me shocked. Is she gonna admit the relationship with Coret Booker was fake? DWade, whuuut?

  11. Prayers up for Vanessa and her family. It’s usually after the funeral when support is most needed.

    G so why did Giselle and jay break up this time? Do you think they will ever divorce?

    Brad and Jen!?!? I guess………Brad and Regina king looked real comfortable at the Oscars. You got any sugar?

  12. Ok off topic but G y’all see Ashanti with that dam mask on her head/face??! I just sent it to y’all DM!!! The fucking devil masks or sum shit???!!! Man she gone!

    1. Ashanti has officially sold out. I saw that devil mask and she holding one hand in the air and one down by her crotch like a penis. She also did an evil drunken duet with lady Gaga a few weeks ago. She’s wilin.

  13. G, the last post “Hot Take” 2-12-20. When I click on it, it stated “nothing is found” That happen twice to me this week. I don’t know if anyone else is experience this.

  14. Vanessa lost a husband and a child. It’s one thing to lose a husband but to lose your flesh and blood..a child.. at the top of the year.. hurts really bad. So she can be in denial all she wants. it’s not something that is easy to get over. It will hurt the most when they start putting the casket under ground..Chile…that’s when you will realize “this is it..one minute they’re here, the next you’re putting them 6 ft under.

    I am not surprised that Zoe is raising her kids in such a way. She was always weird to me to begin with.

    Dwayde.. Idk what to say about him but not the first time I heard he was in the closet

  15. Poor Vanessa. This story is so sad. This initial time period is the most critical. Especially losing a spouse & a child.

    & most of her time w/Kobe & probably more recent w/the daughter is used to them being gone for extended periods of time on the road for games, practices, workouts etc. except this time ugh I can’t even without getting upset

    So was the Usher herpes thing a humiliation ritual for not doing something the elites wanted bc it seemed completely random & the Usher of old was everywhere & putting out good music

    B & Jay rather keep up appearances than divorce. B is going to repeat what her mom did & not leave not when/if the kids are grown, but also independent in their careers. I just don’t see a situation where a divorce is happening. As toxic as this facade is of this fake love story, in B’s narcissism she cares more about the title of being Mrs. Carter even if it’s for show to give the illusion she has some prize

    How they throw all these parties then depart to their separate quarters of the mansion afterwards is absolutely hilarious

    I’m not comfortable w/these parents pushing their kids out here. At first I thought it was an agenda being pushed w/the gender neutral stuff, however Wade has been acting funny for awhile now so I’m sure his sons have seen some wild mess & thought the stuff was normal behavior to emulate as a kid since their dad is doing it. Wonder what Siovaughn thinks about all this

    Why did Jen/Justin split? I wonder how Angie will react if Brad/Jen go public & are in a full on relationship again? I mean the meltdowns that would ensue

    I liked Brad/Regina King’s chemistry & let’s not forget he’s dated a BW before so who knows

    They’re really delaying this thing w/Lori L. Either she has one hell of a legal team or the book is about to be thrown at her

  16. People need to stay out of other people’s marriages and how they raise their children. Focus on your own spouse and children, if you have them. People in glass houses stay throwing rocks.

  17. I am blowed with Dwade, why you have to announce your son is transitioning from boy to girl. Really? Sofia is always too young for Scott Disick. Diddy needs an attractive older young women.

  18. I got a couple questions
    1) is Diddy Da babies handler??
    2) at her level of success (which is baffling to me) does she “have to” sleep with Diddy???

  19. Not surprised about Zoe…I feel bad for DWade’s ex wife because I honestly believe Hollywood is pushing for all the big names to have a trans kid (thanks Sonny and Cher). Looking back to when models all needed to have an androgynous look/ I think this transgender agenda/lifestyle has been in the making for decades. I also think before long pedophilia will become accepted. I guess I’m in the minority when I say I prefer Brad with Angelina although I think she prefers women. Jen A. just isn’t pretty to me at all…and Brad is really starting to age. Just never liked them as a couple and still don’t.

  20. Scott wanted to marry Kourt but Kourt loves the ladies more than she likes the D. It’s just that she wanted all her kids to have the same dad and Scott was around. Poor Scott.

    Poor Vanessa. She suffered two devastating losses in one day—-she needs to be watched for the next year at least. I would never judge anyone in her position. There is no timeline for that kind of mourning. God bless her and her family.

    I always root for Ronnie Ortiz because he comes from around the corner in my neighborhood in the BX. But, that show turned him into a juicehead beast. He messed up with Sammi Sweetheart and just started smushing all the thots he could find. He wasn’t serious about Malika but he might feel some kind of way now that she’s having OT Genasis’s baby.

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