October 5, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Industry Plants Part 1

  1. This makes perfect sense. Travis did blow up pretty fast and they put him with a Jenndashian and that made him even more famous

  2. Very interesting read! What about Young MA? Have they tried to get at her? She’s one of my favorite’s, I hope she never sells her soul.

    1. She’s good money… THEY ALL were trying to get her when she dropped ooouuu. They courted the fuck outta her! Giselle posted her song to her bday pics… she was with the top moguls on the scene at events and pictures… but stayed true to her own independent label! ☺️☺️☺️

    2. Chance’s parents are among the black elite in Chicago. His dad worked for Rahm Emmanual so they have always ran in the circle with the Obamas. Rah E’s brother is a huge agent in the entertainment industry so Chance always had connections.

  3. what about Dave East never heard a thing from him… and also Rita Ora- I know what else she was bought here for … (that will cause an uproar 🙄😒 plus it involves a fave…) but besides that… nothing from her either.

    1. I kind of always felt Jay-Z was using Rita Ora to threaten Rihanna in making her do what he wanted to do😒😒 basically to keep her in line as to say I can make another you and replace you if need be

  4. I’m surprised about Chance, what agenda negative agenda is he pushing because he talks about God and the bible more then another other rapper out there? He married his black high school sweetheart and praises family. I’m confused on that one

  5. I was looking for the obvious to be in part 1, CARDI B😏😏 Lizzo is another one for me when you think about it. Also is Tyler the Creator a replacement for Kanye West or what?? I can’t help but to notice some similarities😕

    1. I don’t think Lizzo is a plant she didn’t come out of nowhere. There’s a difference between being a plant and being chosen in the industry

      1. Ok I got you now👍👍 the reason why I say this is because at times it feels like Lizzo’s being thrown and forced upon us😕😕but now since thinking about it so has Giselle so now I get what you mean by being chosen by the industry lol

  6. WOW! Who on earth is Slim Jesus LOL. Yeah, he a plant THIS is the 1st time I have heard of that kid. I get all the others, but Travis and Chance threw me. WOW… just WOW!

  7. Would Iggy Azalea be considered an industry plant?? I mean she was hot for a minute now she’s not. The way she raps always comes off as if she’s trying to hard with this accent it always reminds me of Charli Baltimore😕😕

  8. I’m still off about the whole industry plant thing, but H.E.R. seems like one. That girl has traces to the industry dating back in her unknown Disney days with pics of her hanging out with Alicia Keys and more as a child. I also believe The Migos are plants. I just don’t find it to be a coincidence that they started out as backup dancers in Whitney Houston videos when they were children.

  9. This makes so much sense now! Always wondered why Bhadbabie was still popping and why she getting signed – this little bish needed to be cancelled 2 thousand years ago!

    Travis also makes more sense now.. always wondered what was so great about his music because I certainly did not hear it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. That’s why Meek pissed me off bringing the industry into his argument with Nicki like sir your a lot of your peers are pedophiles and a lot of them have probably messed with that little girl

  11. I always think about that girl tori kelly. I remember she used to be everywhere and also that bebe rehxa girl too. I remember she was on big brother performing..she came out of nowhere too.

  12. I started side-eyeing Chance when he started becoming mainstream and Giselle interrupted his interview. Next thing you know he was everywhere.

    The cult-like following for artists who make less than mediocre music always concerned me. Now I know why…seems like record companies scoured SoundCloud for desperate people who would sell their souls for fame…

  13. Who is Slim Jesus? Is he pushing the trailer park white boy who pretends to be black agenda? Because he look straight outta the trailer park posse, or the suburban white boy who wants to be down because its the cool thing to do for now, but really doesn’t like black people, because that “agrnda” can go either way. I always thought Bhad Babie was also pushing the white girl who wants to be black agenda because she does a mean impression of a wannabe hood chick. Billie Eilish or Eyelash or whatever truly came out of nowhere and yes she gives me Lorde meets Cindy Lauper vibes, but I don’t get the hype nor can I name any of her songs….I can’t name one Travis Scott song but that’s because I’ve never checked for him…. Chance say it aint so 😂. All in all all of these acts (with maybe Chance as the exception) cater/appeal to white kids. I do feel that the majority of music today is pushed towards white kids with the agenda of making black people out to only be hood, ghetto, ignorant, hoes, thots, tricks, crack heads, emasculated black men, all the while erasing black artists from existence. And the confusing part about that is the fact that no one seems to care especially black people…and that agenda spreads to television shows as well i.e. reality tv. Its like we have willingly become the stereotypes we’ve fought so hard against.

    1. You made so much sense and articulated what I’ve been feeling. Our Black Icons and Legends are destroyed alive and dead while their zombies keep touring. Ridiculous…

  14. Where is bad bhabie momma at?
    Chance the rapper could be Obama’s son my mouth hit the floor.
    And Travis Scott from Houston but doesn’t have that Htown sound. I wondered how he blew up so quick

  15. Chance the Rapper being a plant is shocking but makes a lot of since now because he did come out of nowhere

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