October 4, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 2/10/20 Drake and Nicki Update

  1. I figured drake was trying to flirt with this girl to make Rih jealous. How ironic he attends this girl event which happens to be the same night as Rih Fenty Store opening. Aubrey, Rih is still hung up on Hassan sorry you had your chance but she fell for another man…but if you trying to settle down with someone in they early 20’s hit my DM’s hahaha

    Drake ate the cha cha. If you think about it Nicki said in Barbie dreams “Drake worth a hundred milli always buying me shit, but idk if the pussy wet or if he cryin and shit”. Making fun of the drake is an emotional lightskin joke and (to me) saying he crying on the pussy.

    1. Good point. Hadn’t thought about him attending the chic’s event on the same night as a fenty event. Yea that does sound like a petty/make you jealous Drake move.

  2. Kuzma is being more productive off the court compared to on. He must not know about LeBron & Riri’s history

    It sounds like OVO wants Drake to settle down w/this model more than Drake does. She seems just on the comeup if she used her ex for modeling gigs. She’s probably using Drake to land someone else in the industry she likes

    Say what you want about Riri but she is one of the few that doesn’t need to use Drake since she has her own money & career.

    Even though I doubt it, unless Hassan & Riri is done for good & she doesn’t land another dude on Hassan’s level (which I doubt) I feel as though Drake would be her last resort

    The Drake/Nicki ship has sailed. If she wanted Drake she would be w/Drake. She likes rough necks she thinks she can control w/her money until they glow-up & start acting brand new then the relationship is over. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Once Kenny gets a larger allowance & really starts to floss he’ll start cheating & showing out like all the others have

    1. Serena didn’t need to use drake either and she was actually really feeling him but he wouldn’t stop the cheating. He can’t keep breaking these women hearts that are on his level and then be shocked when they close their chapter on him.

      I think Rih wants Hassan back and if drake is to be her last resort, then that’s gonna suck for him. He had her just In love with him, messed up and she went and fell for another man and now what was once equal love is now settling. A man’s ego can’t handle that but hey maybe his can lol

      Nicki is foolish for overlooking drake but it seems she gotta hit a brick wall in order to wake up. Who knows when that will be or what that will be.

    2. It DOES seem like OVO wants Drake to settle with the girl more than Drake lol. That was a weird statement from them. I wish one of my friends would tell folks who they “could easily see me settling with” lol. Like when the hell you know my feelings 😂.

      With Rhianna and her revolving door of past exes, I could see her back with Drake 😬. Which would be fine with him because it is VERY clear he still thinks of her and wants her. That would be the only time I could see him settling down 😬.

  3. Drake moves like a sensitive female just like Meek I feel Drakes makes relationships with people so he can be the cool kid like in school

  4. So wait a minute you say nicki was talking to meek and drake before she got with Kenneth. So her husband is the problem. If she was cool with both men before she got with the guy and she start going off. This is a mess. I thought she and meek having talk since they broken up. Thats why meek thought he could talk to her in that store. He thought they were cool. This is mess up. I believe her husband is making her fight with these people, because he dont want her to get close to them again. He know if she start talking to drake again. The marriage is over. Nicki is not in her right mind. She on something.One day she cool with them the next day she not cool with them. I like her I dont like the guy she with. He encouraged her to act out alot more. Hood behavior is not good for her she can loss money if keep doing dum shit. I dont care for Meek but if she was talking to him he felt he could get back with her. Kenneth most have found out about this and wanted to fight meek soon and he see him. Meek diss kenneth in a song last year. I didn’t understand why. Nicki was communicating with him why. I dont understand this hot ass mess. Drake, Meek, Nicki all three of you are a mess. Enough is enough. Done with this.

    1. Meek and Nicki were on cordial terms but I don’t think they were planning to reconnect cause she was cool with meek and then got with nas first. And then that ended and she could’ve got back with meek if she wanted but she got with Kenny. And of course he gonna make her cut ties with anybody with a penis. Then meek started taking shots cause he want Nicki and he know he do and that’s why Kenny was ready to fight in the store cause he finally saw meek in person. By that time Nicki was just riding for her new dude like she rode for meek against Safaree. But yeah Kenny is probably in her ear convincing her to do shit ratchet cause he don’t know what’s it like to have millions of dollars at stake, so he gonna move the only way he know how. Like a thug. Nicki has proven she does shit when she’s hyped up by someone else. Just like meek hyped her to diss Miley and what happened? Her pop career got deaded.

    2. Agreed! I knew there had to be more to it than what we see, it just didn’t make any sense. They both still have unresolved feelings for one another.

      Mr. Petty gives me really eerie vibes btw.

  5. Just like I figured, Drake and Nicki are the Bold and the Beautiful. The way he and she goes out their way to be petty, makes me believe they DID have some kind of sexual interaction. I also don’t think that they are truly done with each other.

    So he basically went after Imaan, to make Rhianna jealous, smh. That alone is a recipe for disaster and a failed happy ending. Not to mention Imaan is young. She is only 22 or 23. Some would still call her a baby. I really don’t think she is ready to settle. She seems to be doing well for herself and wants to have fun. Drake has is faults, but unlike other dudes in the industry, I think he is smart enough to know that. Plus as I said before, he Just said in December, he isn’t ready to settle. So if he was having some kind of contact with the girl throughout 2019 and said that he isn’t ready. Plus I am sure there are STILL other side pieces. But off the strength of the Rhianna being jealous lets me know. This a fling. He still thinking about others.

  6. Wait a minute wait a minute
    If drake ever thought to use another woman to make Rihanna jealous, that shows he’s still childish and will just hurt her again, he hasn’t grown at all.
    He’s a fucking Beta male to the fullest. Fight me.

    1. Very good point. Trying to use a woman to make the other woman you say you want back in your life is a petty way to go about things especially since (once again) he bought the breakup on himself.

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