September 30, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off At The Mouth

  1. Ari Lennox and R Kelly? Chile I hope it’s Usher that she fucked and not Kelz but you can never put nothing past these industry people…

      1. Wait. Usher has the herp for real???😳 Ain’t no telling what all R Kelly has… that joker is nasty AF

  2. So meek is being a bitch ass and msking up shit Nicki said …..he still wants Nicki and hes going to doing anything to try and ruin her..cant believe Drake would listen to the bullshit

    1. Meek is nasty and messy. But nicki have herself to blam everybody was trying to tell her not to trust meek. Birdman Lil Wayne her own team was trying to get her to leave meek alone. She should have stand by drake. She let men use her and abuse her. She need to take care of herself love herself. She had good men like Nas, Lewis, she left them and went and marry Kenneth. Yes I’m a nicki Minaj fan. But let’s be real honest. The man she fuck with are trash and they bring her down not up. I still piss off that she marry this guy with no joy. Drake need to grow up too why the hell he can’t keep a woman with his cheating ass. Ari Lennox I love her music. I really hate how the music industry look over her. She can really sang. I dream she had sex with her boss now.

      1. She’s with Kenny for a reason he’s a goon and since she know him before she feel like he’s the only person she can trust and that he can protect her the industry fucked her. I truly feel bad for her

  3. I don’t blame these celebrities. Kale and Okra need to be called out. Folks are getting tired of their bullshit.

  4. I think Rih is still holding out for a Hassan Reunion since she jumped the gun and mistook they break for a break up. She kinda brought the relationship ending on herself with her actions. Plus she obviously is trying to leave music and focus on other venues and he can buy her out, drake can’t do that. Plus I say it all the time, drake has a son now. Even if that may not be the biggest factor, it definitely plays a part.

    Drake and Nicki I’m sorry I think they smashed before. The more layers that get pulled back the more that proves to be the only logical reason as to why they have this deep beef. What else could it be? We know about the meek situation but if it’s something deeper than that has to fall along the lines of that IMO. People only respond this way when intimacy is involved cause nicki can’t do anything else to hurt drake career/money wise she don’t have the power, and drake wouldn’t try to hurt Nicki.

  5. Guess that Billie Ellish is a industry plant as well huh? Folks are tired of Kale &Okra they need to stop coming for black men. Meek needs to stop,it’s over period.

  6. youtubers, are we talkin mukbang? make up youtubers? jake and logan paul type? which ones? There are too many… lol

    1. Probably Those big YouTubers like for example David Dobrik. I been seeing him on talk shows like jimmy fallon and rumors have said that he Is gay so maybe he has no issue smashing these execs.

  7. I’m glad Oprah & her body double are finally being called out. They have been pushing an agenda for too long & are toxic to the black community. What happened with those assault allegations at Oprah’s school? We tried to tell them w:the Micheal Jackson stuff & it’s a shame it took the shenanigans this week for ppl to finally wake up

    & the ppl that are trying to defend them & believe Oprah’s fake tears are simply ones who still want the clout & access to the black elites by their association w/her

    I think Riri still thinks Hassan & her may get back together. Hopefully she realized she jumped the gun & the shenanigans hanging out w/other dudes wasn’t the move at this time. Hassan or not

    I still think she’s stalling the album to find a way out of the music industry & that’s the real reason for the delay & maybe her plan B is to generate enough cash to buy her own self out of the music business & just focus on her beauty & fashion empire

    I’m just not seeing it for her & Drake. There’s been plenty of chances to get it right & after each breakup, worse things have happened & I can’t see Riri being a stepmom in that situation. I don’t think Drake will give up either no matter who is on his arm

    Was there cheating? Why are Neyo & his wife getting divorced?

    Cardi is thinking like a bird. Just dump Offset & KIM or go back to sleeping w/Bruno. This tit for tat stuff never ends well

    1. I believe the same thing. Rihanna is trying to buy her way out of music and see if she can stay down through other industries (fashion & beauty) that she actually seems to enjoy being apart of.

  8. Rhianna needs to make her mind on that album. The natives are getting restless. And I get that She is RHIANNA, but we all know folks can turn a dime. Those who loved you today, can hate you tomorrow. This hold is probably doing more bad than good.

    Poor Drake. This proves further that the man is having fun and not claiming no one or wants to be claimed. Who is worried about another chic if they are “in a relationship” with someone else lol. He apologized to Rhianna and well it is what it is.

    Why on earth would Cardi do that lol. That is a notch down from what She accomplished.

    WOW to the industry plants.

    1. And dang! What more could it be between Drake and Nicki?? Goodness these 2 are like The Young and the Restless.

      1. If you have a IG than let me know. So I can Dm you my email. I can tell you what I know about nicki and drake. It’s very deep. God has shown me through dreams about nicki. If anyone want more information, give me your IG so I can dm you my email. I can tell you what God show me. I can’t prove my dream is true, but I have many dream that came true. I rather share this through email. I dont want to get drag on the blog.😂😶🤣

  9. Based on her IG Lives, Ari Lennox is definitely mentally unstable and masks it with being funny. She spent hours on Live on Christmas talking to herself & has given tours of her apartment with no furniture and mattress on the floor

    She’s definitely jealous of Summer’s success and her rant about Soul Train (when Summer won best new artist) proved that

  10. Cardi is a bird for life that thinks it makes her look so cool and real, her hype is so dead without the nicki hate attached to have people want her to win over nicki.

    A reggae album from rihanna would be trash, and this album has too much hype there will be people saying “this what y’all was begging for”

    1. Absolutely 100% true. Cardi was being pumped up all this time by ppl who only wanted to hate on Nik by showing Cardi love.

  11. What’s funny about this whole drake and nicki thing is when tyga said drake is fake and nicki argue too much everybody clowned him and said you just mad your album not out. But that wasn’t even the case… fast forward years later more people talking about nicki attitude and drake getting booed and more ppl stop liking him lol smh

    1. You have a very valid point. People always claimed every time Tyga spilled a secret, he was the bitter one who was jealous of Drake & Nicki. It worked in his favor though – he got out of his contract, sued, won, and then turned around and signed a new deal for 7-8 figures. Outside of Drake & Nicki, no one even remembers the others that were signed to YM.

  12. Lmfaooo Cardi let that nigga go 😭 She created a fantasy in her head bout him & her… it ain’t happening. He ain’t shit .

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