October 3, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/8/20

  1. Can you please tell us who Ari Lennox was talking about fucking in her live? Y’all dropped clues but still aint reveal 😩

  2. Who is Kesha???
    Those Scientologists are off the chain!!! He better hide for real!! They are the WORST!!

    1. Yes they are …i used to work for them answering phones at the front desk ……i could never understand it

  3. Billie Eilish deactivated Lorde?!?

    What do you mean by “Billy will only be successful one time. This narrative she is pushing won’t work the next time around” ????

    Does that mean she will only have a short career or something ?

    1. Billie is getting all these accolades this go around but by next year she won’t be doing the same numbers cause the narrative will have changed by then. Also by narrative they mean what she talks about in her music. Fans say she talks about depression, mental illness, lack of confidence and all that so that’s her narrative, to be sad and mopey. But all her songs have demonic undertones and you can tell by her videos.

    2. Billie Eilish suffer with depression and they are not sure how long she will be able to perform. That girl really dont like to be around alot of people. But she need the money and her team is making her do music. She can sang but they are pushing her to much and that can cause her to break down. They know that girl do won’t to be seen all the time.

  4. I’ve been wondering where Lorde has been. Haven’t heard anything from her since her last album, plus she disappeared from social media 2-3 years ago

  5. Simple. We don’t care about Pam Anderson and I haven’t seen her appropriate black culture. (I could be wrong though)

    1. Back in the day I think that it was the other way around. Lots of black women, and women in general, wanted to be like Pam. That’s where ALOT of women started to get surgery.

    2. This is correct. Pam is old news. She is not hot right now. Plus these kids don’t know who she is but everyone knows Kim and her family

    1. But with her, it’s documented that her parents actually SOLD her at the age of I think 14 to an old washed up actor in Hollywood. They actually made the deal online. So I blame the evil parents and I hope she gets free one day. 😢

  6. Somebody in Twitter basically said the same about Billie. They do this to a couple of artist give them a bunch of success in the beginning only for it to not happen again

  7. Not many ppl who are younger are going to know anything about Pamela Anderson to care about her personal life. The last thing that was interesting about Pam was Baywatch & her sex tape w/Tommy Lee

    Nick Lachey still wants Jessica Simpson & it’s a shame Jessica has to lie for him now & he lied about sending Jessica a gift when she had her baby bc Vanessa is still insecure about her.

    There was a whole article & press all over the place when it happened that the Lachey’s sent Jessica a thing of pink cookies so why wasn’t the story denied then? So either it was sent by Nick who made it seem like it was from both of them & Vanessa is just now finding out about it & has completely unraveled or they’re being messy on purpose to gain some press off of Jessica’s book tour that’s spilling all kinds of tea

    Miley thought her ex-husband was boring bc he was too good of a person for her. Now that she wanted all this excitement elsewhere & seeing the women Liam is hanging out w/she realized once again she effed up & probably lost him for good this time

    Lorde really was here for a couple of minutes, saw how dark the industry was & said thanks but no thanks. Nothing but respect for that

    Ppl swore Kim asked Kanye to have Adidas to send her an Ivy Park closet when in reality it probably killed B to send one to Kim K bc outside of B’s stadium performances, whose checking for her regarding anything outside of touring?

    Drake doesn’t know what he wants since Riri doesn’t want him

    Very interesting since those ASAP Rocky stories were everywhere, Riri went back to being lowkey or by herself in public again. Not being spotted w/different dudes/dudes you were rumored to hook up w/in the past is never the recipe to get someone back or make someone jealous. The best thing to do is move in silence & let them be pressed enough to contact you to see what you’re up to

    Meanwhile, Hassan was all up in Riri’s director’s stories all over Super Bowl weekend

    1. I had found some videos of Hassan at the super bowl chillin with some white man but I just thought it was some random fellow rich man he was friends with..that dude was connected to Rih?!? Uh oh! And Rih still reeling over the breakup that she kinda sorta brought on herself…let’s see what happens next.

  8. Poor Ke$ha. Sad that she has to go through this 😢.

    Honestly, if it wouldn’t been told here, I had no clue Pam Anderson had married again. That is probably why people are not clowning her, they didn’t know. I mean WE know Pam, but these new kids probably have no clue. She just isn’t in the spotlight like that anymore

    Aww Poor RiRi 😢.

    I knew it! Billie was sounding and acting too much like Lorde. I am glad Lorde escaped. I figure she had when she went cold after that last album. She dropped like 2 more singles then she was ghost.

    Drake 😂. I see he is flinging around as usual. The chic is only 22-23, that is probably why she dropped the fiance. She is young and doing well in her career and wants to have fun. That will also be part the reason she leaves Drake lol. Besides didn’t he say in that long interview , in December, that he was living the rap life and a chic steering the boat lol. Rumour has that these 2 have been messing around on the low, so if Drake said all that in December, clearly this isn’t the end all. Plus the fact that he was upset with Rhianna and Rocky. Anywho, she.is beautiful and I am glad Aubrey is flinging forward 😂😂.

  9. No Iman, noooo! She’s one of my favorite models. Last I knew was her and her model boyfriend broke up a few years ago. Not sure who or if she moved on to someone else but yuck, not Drake nooooo! I can’t wait til they get Billie Eilish tf outta here… poor Beck. I like his little weird self. I think his family was into scientology as he was growing up, but i don’t recall him ever fully claiming to be part of it. but if he’s saying they’re coming after him then I guess he was. Miley is the poster child for young and dumb lol…Liam is gonna have to be her “one that got away”. Why is Nick coming out with this now? Is he trying to put a project out or something?

    1. I like Beck too. That’s sad because it must have gotten to the point that he is vocal about his breakup with Scientology. It must be very bad and he probably has no contact with his family if they are still in.

  10. Beyonce always listening to that momma of her as if she’s still a little girl. And her momma husband looks over her.

  11. No backlash for Pam because she’s basically likable. Kim just started getting likeable again. That whole fiasco with Kris Humphries was an embarrassing mess.
    Pam’s marriages and divorces are an embarrassing mess as well.. but people pity her because she comes across differently.
    Kesha: defamation is talking badly about someone whether it’s about you or not. She couldn’t prove what she texted happened, I guess?

  12. I think there’s no Pam Anderson backlash because everyone knew Kim K wasn’t over Reggie Bush when she married Kris Humphries.

  13. Pamela Anderson won’t be ridiculed for a 12 day marriage because:
    A) She is not on a reality show where that is a major storyline for that season.
    With all of the associated media that came along with it.
    B) Pamela is not considered desirable any longer nor is she popular, so no one
    really cares who she’s dating/marrying.
    C) Pamela and her mother aren’t filming a fake scene pretending she’s so
    broken up about her marriage falling apart after 12 days.

  14. Poor Kesha. She fought that evil dr Luke and now she has to pay him all that money she probably doesn’t have? Wtf Gaga threw her under the bus like that. I’d beat her ass. And Katy is mute now. She don’t want to confirm or deny. We all know it happened because why would Kesha lie.
    Billie Eilish looks and sounds like a demon spawn and I can’t wait till she’s gone.
    Courtney Stodden—super sad. Her parents sold her to that old white actor when she was mid teens! Like 13/14? Did they divorce or is he pimping her out? It’s tough because she’s like 25 but looks 45.

  15. Poor Kesha
    Boo Miley that’s what you get
    Drake is a hoe only person he hasn’t slept with is me and Caitlin Jenner
    What happened to Leona Lewis that girl can sangggg

  16. I wonder what happen to Lorded..Billy won’t last long Cause after a while they will need more and the green only last for long.
    Kim wanted a box security but would she wear it out nope
    Cause Pam done did it all plus they wasn’t for real married

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