October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 2./6/.20 Rihanna and Hassan Update

  1. I just do not see them getting back together. He does not seem like he would ever be the type of man that Ri would ever be happy with. Too low key and private.

    1. He has been getting photos taken them of them from the very beginning of the relationship.
      I don’t believe it has anything to do with being bitter.
      I hope she pushes through and doesn’t return to this relationship.
      I don’t see how it can work unless she completes leaves the industry.
      Even down to her tattoos I am sure is a serious issue for he’s family.
      The religion is so strict, there isn’t any room for compromise.
      I do believe she must really love him for even trying to make this work.

  2. Kick rocks Hassan!

    It’s sad us women sometimes change ourselves to be with someone and prove we are all in but it’s still not good enough, smh! I feel Rihanna is just having fun with ASAP but wish she would take time to heal from the relationship so she won’t carry that baggage with her in the next.

  3. Well, if my boyfriend wanted a break and decided to indulge in some exes reunion world tour, it will be over for me too, so I can’t blame Hassan.

  4. Dang so Rih jumped the gun and was acting out before it was time? Maybe that’s why she so hurt and upset. She lowkey brought the breakup on herself. As far as the way Hassan was during the relationship & after I’m honestly not shocked. The man is Muslim and we know how the culture is so it wasn’t like he was going to be different. And even if he was different, the man is still a billionaire.. I picture billionaires as very controlling individuals anyway.

    1. Plus to me Rih hasn’t gone all the way back to BadGal status. Her kickin it with ASAP is the only difference but She still dressing covered up IMO. Only time she showed skin was in those IG Videos and she wore a few dresses recently but I noticed that it wasn’t too many pictures of her in the dresses that really showed skin, almost like she wasn’t trying to let them get out. Plus she still live in London where he lives so they could always run into each other or he can pop up on her.

      1. Right and when she did her events for her beauty line she showed some skin but she have been covering up.

  5. I don’t see them taking back. Hassan doesn’t strike me to be the kind to back track when has made a decision. This is one peen Rhianna won’t have as a boomerang 😂. As for his behavior, he is a Muslim man from the Middle East. Rhianna and any other person who thought Hassan would act different with her is foolish. You can’t be mad with Hassan, he stay consistent with who he was. Moral of the story if you aren’t into the culture/lifestyle don’t date them.

    1. Exactly, his kind of money comes with rules, no one is forcing you, but if you want it somethings will have to change. Poor Rihanna probably thought Hassan was any other industry male, sex, beauty, appeal is not all the equation requires.

  6. I’m not for this at all. If that man can’t except the woman that she is then fk it. A boss a business woman she don’t need his ass

  7. I love Rihanna but she was wrong for that. I can see her acting petty to cause a reaction, I just think Hassan is the wrong person to play that game with. I actually love them together and I hope they both can come to a compromise and get back together. She seems to have lost her “glow” and I think it’s because she really loves him. Let’s see what happens.

  8. If they get married, it won’t work. She’s so free & so much of her own person.. even if she allows him to control her for a little, she will eventually find her way out of it

    1. It definitely won’t work she needs to count this as a blessing. If he was controlling even when they were dating it’s gonna get even worse when their married. And Rihanna way too wild and a free spirit she’s not gonna want to put up with it for years even if he’s a billionaire. She will be miserable and regret it.

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