October 3, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 2/6/20 Karrine Steffans Still Sucking Out Souls

    1. I’m about to be 28 and it’s looking like it’ll just be me, my plants and my dog 🤷🏾‍♀️. I’m not even mad at Karrine

    2. So you’re willing to get with someone that has no standards because a loser hoe like her gets men? Don’t knock yourself down.

  1. Okay, the Cooter and Mouthpiece must be sensational *in my Future voice*. Sis got miles on that cooch and mouth but dudes still coming. Idc what anybody says, Superhead still got the juice.

  2. Who cares about how many times she got married if they didn’t last? It’s not about how many times you get married but more about marrying the right person. Js🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Ok good for her but the quality of men she’s getting with are not exactly the type of men that are my “goals” so I’m doing everything right for me. 😂 crazy how we make these hoes make us feel like we are doing something wrong just because they get different dirty dick.

    1. We don’t know what kind of men that woman has been with. They could as well been very high level men with legit careers and everything. So before you start with all the I love myself Bs soooo do I. But the point of it for me was because of her age.

      1. She married Darius Mccrary and Columbus Short. Both were toxic situations played out in the media..

      2. And at 41 if toxic men is what your goals are just for the sake of being claimed then sorry sis. Carry on. Lol

  4. Y’all kno these dudes still want her ass just off the strength of her head game that has been talked about for years!

  5. I think a lot of these men fall for the perception of Karrine but figure out it ain’t all that once they settle into a relationship with her..they then realise that perception and reality ain’t the same and most times the perception is better🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. And these are obviously men with no standards and mommy issues if their desired perception is to marry a renowned slut.

  6. Believe it or not they’re a lot of broken men out here too! You only attract what you are. She’s not marrying or sleeping with anything or anyone of quality 😒 and no having money does not count. So ladies, no you are not doing anything wrong by having standards. Chances are if you’ve been married that many times something isn’t working. Just saying.

  7. Well looks like she is literally sucking souls like you said cuz her new baby daddy wrote a long-ass suicide letter on IG said he’s 25 and didn’t know who she was smfh😒

    1. Thank. You. I can’t believe grown ass women actually idolize this demon because she get “kept” my men she sucks the souls out

      1. He’s a major entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Wow, I’m shocked. He’s had such an impact career wise. I wouldn’t have guessed, that she would be someone he would be with, nor did he seem like he was struggling mentally. I will say, 2020 got a lot of us all messed up though. Praying for him.

        Let me tell y’all something…everyday ppl look up to others who are “doin it big” and they all seem to be so together. Then, you find out, they’re unraveling inside. We gotta stop comparing ourselves to others, and just do our best. One day at a time. Smh.

  8. There’s a suicide letter circulating around from her alleged, “baby daddy.” Is this true? Who is the father?

  9. Not sucking souls! I’m hollerin!!! LMAO!!! I haven’t heard about Karrinne in a minute. She’s pregnant?! How many kids is this now? She has an adult son, right? And did she have a kid with Eddie Winslow? Or was she just married to him? I’m gonna have to look her up.

  10. Yea the baby daddy said she be trying to Blackmail him, manipulate him and is controlling.. he tried to kill himself but someone got there in time and is in the hospital..

  11. My husband and I met her during her book signing in the Bronx Barnes and noble. She told us to always love each other and she was SUPER sweet (no pun intended). She has a personality similar to Kim K—whom I never met. But, that must be part of the reason why men want to be around her?

  12. Hoes stay winning. Nobody wants wholesome, they want some hoe lol 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤷🏾‍♀️☹️

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