October 4, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Exclusive The Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Explosion on Social Media

  1. Is it possible the elites are trying to get Nicki away from Petty because she is still a money maker especially now that Cardi proved to not be a good replacement. They want her back in the fold and she don’t want it.

    1. I doubt it but anything is possible. Meeks ass is all the way up Jay’s now. He’s certainly part of the clan. The fact that he said what he said about her supposed “current status” says they aren’t trying to bring her back. It also confirms everything she, and this blog said about them trying to push her out. He should probably shut his trap. He’s not as refined as he thinks.

  2. I love nicki but why she doing this she know that this was not the time to bring this up. Now people are going to blam her for everything. Why bring this shit up again. Why. She need to stay off of SM. Every one is going to drag for and take meek side. And why bring drake in to this shit. How she and drake going to talk again. If she keep going off. I do believe she tell the truth. But why she talking now.

    1. She didn’t start it tho and why should she let ppl keep poking the bear eventually she’s gonna get fed up and say something back…. she’s human too

      1. Finally somebody else acknowledges that she is human before anything else. We regular folks not going to allow the disrespect so why should she!

      2. Thank you. She gets poked at constantly. Meek and his homies having been saying shady and post kenny trying to clown every since she introduced kenny to the world. But everybody turns a blind eye

  3. G I been wrote you since 2017 telling you he was abusing her. I know you don’t like Kenny but Meek did her some file shit.. He a bitchass nigga on a whole nother level… Jealous a mf in a relationship bruh!

  4. I’m from Philly and Meek is a clown period. I am part of the small percentage of people that dislike his fake ass. And she’s right he’s definitely swinging from camel man balls. I wish Meek, Camel and Gisselle all go away🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. I’m also from Philly and I’ve never liked dude. He’s always given off clown tendendacies. Can’t compare him to the Broadstreet Bully or Cassidy.

  5. Mike reminds me of the bum that don’t know how to act when they get on. He is still a bum at heart clearly. I ain’t even a Nicki fan but she has been minding her business and meek been poking at them for a while but when he say dude he ain’t want it. To me this is another L for him just like the beef with drake was. A big L he is showing stalker signs to me. A pure clown

  6. So he still has feelings for Nicki and all the while got his bm looking stupid beefing wit yo ex in public and online

  7. Meek needs to realize his little time in the sunshine with Jay is not permanent… Nicki is human and in love with Kenny so of course she’s gonna go off. Not that it’s right, but it’s expected and understandable. I just hope Kenny doesn’t do anything stupid because it will hurt both of them… Meek looks like a b*tch right now and he is obviously still in love/hate with Nicki. Smh…

  8. Too much waste energy on her part! She knew he was a clown when she got with him, that makes her a clown too. Clown knows clown!!! She needs to focus on her married, her come back instead of outting so much energy inside someone she claims she cares non about

  9. The only way meek could win the battle with nudes and sex tapes is if she sent it to him recently (which is what he would probably say happened and folks would believe it). But if it ain’t recent then he would look corny trying the revenge porn route…and even though folks would still clown Nicki, I bet you that shit would do numbers in views lol cause I know damn well I would be watching and viewing with Nicki sexy ass and I bet everyone else would be viewing too!

    All in all meek is a cornball and like I say NICKI SHOULD HAVE NEVER DATED HIM! She would have been better off just stabbing Safaree for cheating instead of giving this nigga some 🧢

  10. This whole time I that Milan was messing with @gregsmauels on IG they were always together posting one another and everything. Then boom she’s pregnant with me baby. So they both continued to mess around with one another no matter who else they were talking to. Like some Kim and Ye ish.

  11. Meek is going to be the death of his own career. Just watch. I can’t believe the industry let him in with his groupie ass. Soon as he signed to roc nation he thought he was unstoppable. The same industry he claim knows nicki is bad is the same one going to let you fall from with in. We talking the same nigga who thought since he had nicki he could talk about drake. He’s a side hopper. I hate him.

    1. I never could stand Meek, it was just something about him that made me side eye his holln ass!!

      But off topic @Brim and whoeva else think the same as me, but I’m sure Fantasia sold her soul as well, so when her bro got into that wreck on his motorcycle a while back and almost died but walks with a cane now i think…do u think the industry had something to do with that??? I was listening to my music this morning at work and her song came on “When I See You” which is one of my favs but it made me think about her bro and that accident. G/Heav y’all just give me confirmation please.

      1. Hmm…I really dont think she sold out ornsacrificed her brother. Fantasia has been very open about her money issues and financial struggles from bad management and people using her. I think she is “working successful” now. Meaning..all of her money comes from constant touring. Her cds dont sell GREAT numbers…but her tours sell out because she gives an amazing show.

  12. Ummm, if I’m truly happy with my husband, cant no ex cause me to subtweet nothing. Hes playing this game by himself. This is a reality show. Then again, I’m not a fan of their art, either.

  13. Meek is lame and a cornball for this. He’s liking posts of people dissing Kenneth, tracking their moves – for someone so connected, sounds a lil b!tch-made to me. He’s showing Nicki more attention than he has his pregnant girlfriend.

  14. Nicki should of responded let meek mill be a bum and jay z dick eater and continue to post up with her new dude

  15. Whewwwwwwwww!!!! I knew this shitttt was gonna happen!!!!!! Just the way they ran into each other ! I’m like there’s more to come!!!

  16. Nicki throws rocks and hide her hands! She’s been throwing shots for the longest! Not sure what happened but at one point when he came home She couldn’t keep his name out of her mouth. Y’all need to watch the Flex & Clue interview( press run for Queen) Also she mentioned him a couple times on Queen Radio in a good way! I like both of them but I’m not going to act like it’s just Meek it’s Nicki too!

  17. This is all too much. I hate to say it, but the energy seems so sexual. Ugh! Maybe because I’m celibate and reading extra shit into it! Lol! I don’t like Meek. I think the fact that Nicki stayed by that fool when he had all that jail shit going on, and then he turned around and DID her, was bullshit. With them toddler legs and that prepubescent chest of his. He should have been kissing the damn ground she walked on. He’s just a fan who happened to come up. It’s just nasty all around. I love the fact that Nicki can hold her own. LOVE that shit because they want to take her down so bad. He strength is admirable. Now, I will say that even though I’ve never met any of them in real life, don’t know their lives or anything… I do NOT get a good vibe from Nicki’s dude. When I look at him I see Pook from The Game (Lol!), but Pook I fucked with. Mr. Petty, I just can’t. I don’t want my girl hurt though. So hopefully, he’s not just some thugged out opportunist trying to ride her coattail. What does he do anyway?

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