October 3, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/3/20

  1. Poor A-Rod he thought Jlo was done that she was going to do a few shows here in there, maybe a movie or two and be at home ….nope swing around the pole shake my ass a few times and have my daughter on stage …

  2. I wondered too about lil waynes ex drea i think like he just has a new fiance and she thiiiiiickkk good for him a lil extra meat never hurt

  3. I got what you were saying about Meg. If this were anyone else, they would be called all types of ho’s but because its Meg people want to call slutty whorish behavior ” real hot girl shit.”

    She’s trash and a walking STD.

  4. Yung miami and southside was having problems before he got her pregnant.

    Exactly lil wayne always coming out with a new women and he was ugly as shit coming out that robot costume on that show. He was cheesing super hard.

    Ok cardi with the appearances

    Meg bouta be on the suga fucking with geazy.

    That’s what JAY-Z get you can’t have full control.

    1. Girl that shit funny af bout Wayne being ugly cause i seen That shit😂😂😂😂 and wat Yung Miami the her bd been having trouble about??? Bitches and whores😂😂😂 what JT been up to??? Idk y ppl say her and Miami be beefing…..but man that gotc always lying bout somebody and she kno dam well it’s her…talking bout staff🥴

      1. Yung miami bf was talking trash about the trip they went on a while ago calling her and the trip weak lol he was mad, idk jT we gotta see when she comes out the halfway house.

  5. Cardi B didn’t make that much money Issa lie ; they already produced receipts showing Gucci Man , Nicki Minaj and that other cornball rapper got paid the most this past weekend!!

    Anybody who believed Hassan was engaged 2 weeks after breaking up with The Rihanna is real special……

    Meg asss is wilding

    Miami and Southside weren’t going to last

    Lol and Wayne’s girlfriend was recently crying to that lying ass blog about Wayne cheating on her all the time so I’m sure she’s gone ….. Dhea I think her name was

    Jenny from the block don’t have a mind of her own it didn’t take much to convince her

  6. I do not believe CB made that much money over this weekend. Her team always tell lies. I can believe she made 1million or 3mill, but not 10millon. She not ReRe,or Beyonce shes not on that level. Lil Wayne I just dont get it. His relationship dont make since to me. When are people going to turn there backs on Jay.z. he will throw people under the bus to save his own ass. Noone should ever want to work with him. Jay.z can’t be trusted.

  7. Meg is LEGIT my spirit twin I FUCKN LOVE HER SO MUCH period 😂😂💯💯🥰🥰🥰🥰

    N I was wondering the same thing…. WHAT HAPPENED WITH WAYNE OTHER FIANCÉE???? Drea was her name right? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Why has Jay decided to sell out?and what about him turning down the opportunity to perform because they wanted him to bring Ri & Ye… I saw on different blogs Miami was being abused by south side. Why does Wayne always have a new wife? what happened to the last one

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