October 6, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/31/20

  1. Taylor can’t keep a man
    How you sell your soul but can’t get a man
    Jhoe can’t sang!!
    I still can’t get over Kobe and Gianna’s death 😞
    Question does Kenya’s husband want her?
    Oh I thought diddy got in mase’s booty hole
    Off set I thought he was done

    1. Slimm, I don’t think he’s interested in women period lol. He gives me sweet vibes 😂😂

      Diddy probably did. Mase just salty bc the checks stopped coming or are getting smaller

  2. No one will ever be better than Prince for the Super Bowl. He sang PURPLE FUCKING RAIN … IN THE RAIN AND THE LIGHTING MADE THE RAIN PURPLE! HIS BAND WAS DRESSED IN WHITE AND HAD AN OUTER GLOW OF PURPLE!! So BYEEE… McDonald’s original uniform w/ adias stripes.

    I thought no one was paid for the super bowl. In fact I thought performers had to pay to perform??

    … NOT SKEEZER G… Lmaooo

    Someone was able to through champagne on cardi?? Hmmm… so many questions…

    I honestly don’t watch RHOA but I still want KENYA and her husband to work it out. Not even sure why they’re even at odds…

  3. bull fucking shit!! Beyonce can kick purple rocks. Prince is the ONLY Superbowl performer that used ALL live music AND he did that shit in heels in the rain. im so sick of people kissing her ass. i will fight a bitch over Prince lol………Brandy was one of the first people i thought of. so sad

  4. Not corroded cooch 😩😩 Mase better be careful what he says, Diddy is the devil!

    Kenya girl.. it’s not worth it that man can’t stand you and has no respect for you as his wife

  5. We’ve all heard know how crocked Diddy is. The longer Kenya stays on the housewives the more she and Eva look like villians

  6. Poor Brandy. I wonder what the difference would be in both their lives, if she and Kobe would have made it.

    Kenya, in the words of Frozen, let it go.

    Mase told no lies. With the exception of Big, all Bad Boy artists crashed and burned.

    Kobe’s accuser needs to remain quiet. His death has nothing to do with her allegations or the case. So there is no need to speak publicly.

      1. No, she was never on the label, but she had ties with Diddy from Uptown Records. Diddy just produced for her if I am correct. But yeah they had a falling out over business too at one time.

  7. Jax is a piece of shit. That man is so miserable it’s not even funny. His jealousy streak is huge. And I hope it comes out for sure whether or not he said that word. Britney is desperate and stupid for marrying that man. I totally see him breaking her heart. But that’s on her everybody tried to warn her. He’ll probably put a baby or two up in her first and then she’ll be too Stuck on Stupid to go anywhere.

    And that Kobe accuser… That bitch never should have even gotten on social media with that bullshit.

    1. Another VPR watcher, hey! Jax ain’t shit & won’t ever be shit. Brittany is following in her mama’s footsteps. Jax is just husband #1 for her.

  8. Actually, nobody is paid paid doe Super Bowl performances. I like Kenya, and wouldn’t wish the demise of anyone’s marriage or job is a bit tasteless, but that’s ur opinion.

  9. F the accuser that semen bucket had over 5 diferent semen dna in her vagina……girl bye thats why she couldnt take him to cout cause she either she allowed a train to be ran on her or likenshensaid she fuk 7 different in 24 hours youck …….just nasty

    1. Beyonce is not the best Super Bowl performer ever. I like the chick and all but Prince had THE BEST Super Bowl halftime show (Miami, performing in the rain, hair tied up with The Marching 100 accompanying him – THE BEST) and MJ is second.

      Super Bowl performers play for free. The NFL covers production costs, etc. surrounding the show. It’s a great marketing tool for the performer. I’m kinda excited to see who they’ll have on stage with them from Miami.

      Mase ain’t slick trying to call out Diddy on IG about shady business practices, but he signed on the dotted line. Does Mase want to talk about his “allegedly” shady church practices? Don’t get me wrong, Diddy did what other label heads did but the artists just signed their publishing rights away for proverbial pennies.

  10. So u know if Brandy was still or has messed with Kobe in the recent years??? I know they went to prom together, but still…

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