August 15, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/30/20

      1. Who really cares if Vanessa or her PR wrote the statement, who really expected her to say anything at this traumatic time.

  1. I just wanna know is Stormi Tyga’s daughter cause boy oh boy the drama that would play out!

    Dang didn’t realize how bad Jessica Simpson was getting treated out here in the industry. By the elites and other celebs smh

  2. That statement denying the dating rumors was DEFINITELY directed for someone specific

    Either way, it’s not a good look jet setting w/all your rumored exes/hookups like that

    One of my friends said 5 years ago that Y&R is never going off the air & no matter how bad the storylines get, they still pull in viewers/streaming

    Timberfake FINALLY is being exposed for the jerk he is

    The Lakers today we’re laughing & joking today like nothing meanwhile Kobe’s real friends & influences such as Kyrie Irving are taking it extremely hard

    What is up w/LeBron & Anthony Davis getting Kobe/“Mamba” tats on their thighs & the tat artist’s name is Vanessa?

    What is LeBron talking about he’s going to be right by Bronny’s side for his journey? Is he getting initiated or something? 👀

    The more days that go by the more this death continues to leave me unsettled. Between the numbers videos, the readings, the coincidences & the story keeps changing by the day on WHAT exactly happened continues to be more obvious something isn’t right

  3. So nobody is going to ask how did TMZ got there so quick??!!🧐 were they following him or this whole shit is staged?

  4. Yassssss to 4 more years of my Y&R! Victor Newman come on down 🎊😂!

    Of course they are going to deny the dating rumors between ASAP and Rhianna. It is clear they wanna keep it on the low. But we know they are screwing. I still say NEW unmet phuck buddies are better than the recycled ones she is dealing with.

    Sucks to hear that about Kelis and Pharrell. That 1st album she had with him still bangs.

  5. Is Kelis really a victim? I keep hearing she’s bat shit crazy and her demise was her own fault. Not just professionally, but personally too. I heard she’s difficult to work with.

  6. Praying for Vanessa, The Girls, and the other families.

    I remember watching Y&R when I was younger. No damn idea what’s going on now.

    I really think Rih and Rocky will be serious. I’ve never seen her do a red carpet with any ex’s. They’re fucking for now

  7. One thing I love about G she do not discriminate she reports on you if you red ,green,black or white😂😂

  8. I still watch and love the young and the restless so I’m excited it’s getting four more years. The Pharrell Kelis situation doesn’t surprise me and is most likely true since she said she was young and didn’t read her contract.

  9. Did y’all know that Kobe won an Oscar?!!!

    Rihanna is recycling trash so that her body count doesn’t rise.

    Jessica simpson is being real vocal lately. She’s the one that posted that she could look out her back window a little ways and see the crash site—in Calabasas. This gives more credence to the idea that the crash actually did happen directly inside of Kourtney‘s backyard. In an early report, a news anchor stated this. They also interviewed a little white boy with blond hair half shaved and he said it sounded like an army jet right before, then a loud explosion, then the crash. I believe that they were definitely shot out of the air by a black ops Army fighter jet that they regularly use in illuminati murders.

  10. Torey… what happened to his ass telling ALL on Atlantic??!! On social media hollering like a hit dog then got amnesia.

    So Kelis AND Nas out here throwing these male posers under the bus. Shocker. While their ranting and raving, I just don’t see that anybody is going to take any kind of music if they put out seriously. Not sure if that’s what Mase is planning to do or not, but Kelis, I don’t really see anybody checking for her. These people confuse me.

    And now I know what I forgot to type on the other post. That behind the smoke page said that mace originally left New York because some Kingpin was after him or something like that. It’s on his page.

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