October 2, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesday’s

  1. Drake needs to get over it. He never treat her right anyway. He dogged her out. Rihanna doesn’t belong to him. Personally, I think she needs to leave all these men alone.

    But that’s just me.

  2. I thought Drake lost his chance once he knocked up Toucan Sam, but I understand. I would be mad too if I lost my “potential” boo to Mr. Struggle Strokes 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    I think it’s just a fling tho. I cant see rih being with him long term. He just a bed warmer

  3. I will continue to say Rhianna needs to get some therapy to help with her recycling of men. I thought Drake understood at the current time, Rhianna didn’t want him like that. He needs to let it go too. They just don’t fit. How many times do they go on this merry go round. If Rhianna does end up with Drake, Dr. Phil needs to pay her a visit.

  4. Even if ASAP wasn’t around, Rih is never going to be a stepmom to a pornstar’s kid

    But Riri either needs to enjoy being single or if she has a FWB, it’s not some dude she’s already messed with

  5. The nerve! Didn’t he fuck one of Wayne’s girlfriends??? Drake has these guy code ethics that are hypocritical and don’t apply to him 🙄

  6. Ummm, Drake has had opportunities to get with RiRi, he blew his opportunities. I don’t care Rocky, but if she likes it, then I love it.

  7. Well drake you cheated when she was ready to get serious and then had a baby with a pornstar. Now granted you didn’t have the baby on her but still you talked of having kids with her and broke her heart and what is she supposed to do? Go back to you and play stepmom to the child that she was supposed to birth if everything went the way she wanted it to? Now she supposed to look at Sophie all the damn time cause she can’t come between Adonis and his mother? Oh well! This why you need to wear condoms but little too late at this point.

  8. And drake been should’ve known something was up the way they been kicking it with each other and her doing for ASAP what she did for him when they was together. Friends my ass. If he couldn’t put two and two together then damn.

    1. Asap seems like he a better friend for rih versus her being in a relationship with drake and acting like she have to be this and that. Asap probably let her be her and they probably just vibe out.

      1. That’s wat i think…he let her be her and they have a good time together which is y she back tracked with him. Only thing that matters to her is having fun and she look like she does that with him!!

  9. Drake can go sit the fck down somewhere with that double standard bullshit! You had Rih but you fcked up so you can go take several 💺💺💺💺 at the back of the line sirrr

  10. I get that their relationship didnt work…. but it seems going from Hassan to ASAP Rocky is a step down
    Going from Drake to ASAP Rocky is a step down
    Going from a pair of Air Jordans to ASAP Rock is a step down…..
    Bottom line Rihanna needs to make better choices in men….

    Just Saying….

  11. Drake has all the nerve in the world if he is mad. He had a baby by a random and screwed around with many others along the way. He needs to mind his business…

  12. I honestly dont think its cause Drake gotta son. I think she realized that every time they got together it would be hot and heavy and probably was more physical and infatuation. Sis can do better than Asap though 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. He didn’t cheat on Rih with Sophie they were already broken up. He technically cheated on J-Lo with Sophie. But you are right the point still stands you have a son with a woman you barely know when that was supposed to be me the woman who’s known you and dealt with you for over a decade.

  13. Drake has had plenty of times to make right with Rihanna. He needs to get over it. He fucked up their relationship, AND she can do what she wants.

  14. She and Rocky seem to have more in common than she and Drake. Yeah they have history but water signs will end up having a standoff, with each other’s tears. They need balance not dating someone similar (Plus water signs are KNOWN for being emotional and manipulative. Especially Scorpio Men no offense anyone). She and Rocky might end up being what he and Chanel were but bigger: Fashion Royalty and about empire.

    1. Imo the only way rih can go back to Drake is with a full blown commitment meaning marriage. There has been to much back and forth with their relationship. I’m sure she has a hard time trusting that he is 100% ready this time round.
      I was shocked at first with the whole Asap dating or whatever they are doing but they seem to have a lot in common. He’s dad is from Barbados and the whole fashion interest. Saying all that Asap and her have been friends for years, even if they are messing around it can’t be that serious as she has just got out of a long term relationship 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. He told her marriage the last time and look what he did CHEATED lol he broke her heart and then made a baby with someone else which is an even bigger pill to swallow. He might’ve blew it this time around.

        I personally think she still recovering from Hassan. She was probably really falling for him considering all the changes she was making for him, if she wasn’t feeling him from the beginning she wouldn’t have done all that IMO.

  15. In all honesty she could care less she treating all her ex’s how they been treating her !!! Sooooo be it !!

  16. Rihanna loves attention let drake step out with a 23 year old, I’m sure she will be giving him attention once he places it else where. I’m sure drake looking for another ting outside of Canada and US, like Jorja Smith…. UK Vibes, what do you guys think??

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