September 29, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/29/20

  1. Don’t nobody want that ugly assed Ivy Park shit. It doesn’t even fit correctly. TMZ and Harvey Levin should be ashamed of themselves. That’s bullshit and they need to be sued. They better hope nothing like that happens to them or their loved ones. This whole Kobe thing is so overwhelming. I haven’t been able to fully process it and its heartbreaking as fuck.

    1. Facts👏🏾👏🏾 The only one that looks good in the Dereon reboot is Kim kardashian. IMO. Not even Giselle could pull it off😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  2. not surprised about Lauren London. She’s is going keep taking all of the money for as long as she can. she better hope it doesn’t back fire….if you notice, anytime you see her it’s always about Nipsey….smh we gotta open our eyes. She knows everyone is watching her which is why she is careful what she posts on social medial. She not slick!

    1. You seen how she was acting when she accepted his award @ The Grammys? nervous as hell and didn’t finish what she was saying. I wonder if she’s collecting checks for their child’s safety, but if she keeps this up, people will find out the truth eventually

  3. If you guys look into that helicopter it was sold in a auction by State of Illinois. No offers. Then they out it up on Auction. They sold a user and it ended up in the fleet by this Van Nuys company.

    The helicopter needed over a million dollars in repairs yet it was out and being used to fly celebs around L.A.

    1. Have you seen the tail of the helicopter? It’s blue white. Kobe’s helicopter is all black with a gold sign it! WTF! 😳

      1. What does that mean exactly?! They faked their deaths? This whole ordeal is just so overwhelmingly devastating but what if Kobe sensed it and decided to fake his death and disappear like people claim Tupac did…..?

      2. We got so much shit going on in this world could be plausible. Go look his helicopter on Google and look at the one that. How in the hell his helicopter went from black to blue and white?

      3. I looked it up, you’re right! I bet no one will mention that and before you know it there probably won’t be images available of his actual helicopter being black and gold. What would that mean for the other victims? No way they could fake all their deaths?! This too much 😢 a part of me really hopes he faked his death but does that mean they’d really have to leave the rest of their families behind?! Hard to believe a 13 yr old would go along with that

      4. I thought I was the only one that noticed that… Kobe’s helicopter was black and looked like a limo- the tail piece in the video looks like it came off of a blue and white little twin engine crop duster plane.. I do believe he’s dead tho…so sad.

  4. Bey knows KIM will wear her trash & bring light to it. Why not use ppl u don’t like to be seen in CLOTHES LINE. FREE PRESS.

  5. There’s a major petition going around to have TMZ taken off the air and think it just might shake Fox up to actually do it.


    1. From what I keep reading people are saying Kobe would wrap the helicopter. Just like Kylie did when she rented the one she used that had her name on it

  7. So they done pushed Beyonce down our throats and now her popularity is waning off, so they are pushing her tacky clothing line at us now? When will this woman go away?

  8. Theresa had her boobs done on the show back in the day before her youngest daughter was born.
    TMZ is clearly lying
    Kim said sorry she’s late posting like she’s been had the closet just hadn’t had time to promo it. Do we really believe these 2 don’t like each other or is it just Beyoncé fans don’t like Kim?

  9. Also, that is not a new house. If you looked at the photos, esp the one with the stairs and there is a tv, she’s been in that home before…look at a pic of her son Kross sitting on that same wooden table…unless this was Nip’s crib..LAUREN LONDON thinks she is slick…the pic of cross is with him smiling with on the table with a bottle of water on the right hand side of him with his hands crossed….pay attention..this girl really think everybody slow. i think there is something more with Nipsey being murdered…i’m sure she know things that she will never tell…she will go to the grave with it unsaid…she has been in this house before….lawd the truth keeps unfolding. plus they are hush hush on the updated about nips murder…shits not adding up

  10. I’m not a kim Kardashian fan they’re boring to me but, i definitely didn’t like seeing people act like kim was just sitting around waiting on their god Beyonce to send her those ugly ass clothes. As if kim is some broke peasant, she got just as much millions a long with her husband and can show up to the same events as beyonce. If we gon throw shots atleast I’ve never heard a cheating rumor about ye, can’t say that bout the fake power couple.

    1. You made a good underlying point….
      Why nobody talking about how ugly most of those pieces and sneakers are?

  11. What are the real sales of Ivy Park if B is still sending out promo packages?

    I don’t buy it’s sold out

    B fans are in complete denial & think either Kim was being passive aggressive by posting it now or that she got it for free from Kanye

    This Kobe thing isn’t sitting right with me at all. It’s incredibly suspicious to me. Some of these tributes have been incredibly sad while others have been completely attention seeking

    Lauren London is getting more pub w/the Nipsey stuff than her barely acting career. How does she live with herself?

    1. She doesn’t that’s Nips crib….click the link to the house. Click images number 6, google an image or Pinterest Lauren London’s son, Kross. There is a picture with him smiling sitting by a bottle of water on that table. The water bottle is on the right side of him. He is smiling and one of his hands is crossed in front of the other. Lauren London is tryna cover up what’s really going on. That is his crib, she has bad credit and could buy it out. I knew the inside of this house looked too familiar. As far as the Kobe thing, it’s not sitting right. If the Grammy’s was taped on Saturday and when it is aired on Sunday, while everyone one is acknowledging Kobe says a lot. If this was pre-recorded how did they know this was going to happen to him?

      1. Beyonce only sent that wack shit to Kim because of Kim’s followers. She figure she uses her for advertisement. She ain’t slick. If I was Kim I Wouldn’t post that shit. Or give it to North to play in😂😂😂
        Is it me or do Beyonce look like she got her ass done?

  12. So Lauren is milking this whole thing !.. smh !.. and ppl was calling the other girl bad !.. smh .. she ain’t no better

  13. Giselle gave most of her merchandise to these celebs, that’s why it “sold out” so quickly. She ain’t fooling nobody. And she knew Kim would boost them sales, dassit.

    Somebody need to put the paws on Harvey and the rest of the TMZ squad. I don’t think they consulted any of Bryant’s people. It was extremely disrespectful for them to share his death the way they did

    Lauren said she gone ride this Nipsey thing til she can’t be more. Sis must not have a conscience since she out here flaunting like they were soo in love and together when we all know she probably was back with Dove Diddy

  14. I’m not sure if Lauren bought another home or not but a million dollar home in California is not expensive! I don’t see what the problem is if she did buy a house 💁🏽‍♀️. She has her own money before Nip. She need to be getting a check her voice is all through Victory Lap. Eric Holder next court date is in the middle of February.

  15. T.I. owes Rihanna an apology for being too touchy feely at that roc nation brunch and he not only owes Tiny SEVERAL apologies he’s gotta change his actions or divorce her and let her find someone who won’t dog her like he does.

  16. I knew it!—about Jessica simpson. The exact opposite of all that virgin talk was actually happening. Poor thing got ran thru and passed around and her father let it happen! Anyone young and weak would turn to drugs. Sheesh she had nothing and no one else to turn to. Smh. I’ve always wondered about those shoe and home goods deals she got back innaday. They’re still generating income like 10+ years later. Someone paid her off to shut up and go in the corner and have babies for the rest of her life.

  17. Teresa got her breast done years ago on the show after that last baby! That ass definitely looks a little swoll though!

  18. TI’s apologies to Tiny, his daughters, and sons – CHANGED BEHAVIOR is the BEST APOLOGY Clifford!

    Beyonce sent Kim that box to boost sales. Who cares if they’re genuine friends or not, they’re fake Hollywood “frens”.

    Harvey & TMZ are absolute TRASH! No way Vanessa gave her okay for them to break that information.

    There’s a video on highsupreme2020 where a teen/preteen believes he heard a military jet before the helicopter carrying Kobe and the others crashed. I believe this young man.

  19. It’s unhealthy the level of dislike that I have for Harvey Levin. I think he’s a fucking liar and a devil. I don’t for one second believe that family gave his punk-ass authority to release that. Why would they stop in the midst of Devastation, and give this asshole the right to break a story like that? He is a liar. I literally can’t stand this man. I’m trying to avoid saying the H word because I really don’t say it a lot. But it’s there.

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