October 2, 2022

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86 thoughts on “There will Be Another Celebrity Soon Did The Elites Take Out Kobe?

  1. Whoa! I felt like it was a sacrifice as well. Every time a celebrity dies I immediately question it. Things don’t be adding up

    1. I definitely feel like it was a sacrifice. Because now they’re already framing the narrative of Lebum “carrying” the team through this “tragedy”, on many sports shows. I also found it coincidental that Kobe was starting to acknowledge him more, when before it seemed like Kobe paid him dust.

      It doesn’t matter how many championships Lebum wins, he will never mean more to the Lakers or LA, than Kobe.

  2. This is so sad. I’m glad he didn’t give up his daughter GiGi to nasty elites. A real father will never sell their children out. Because he didn’t they killed both of them. This is why no one should never want to sellout. These people will kill you and your children if you refuse to do what that ask of you. Noone is safe in the industry. You will pay the price.

  3. Kobe was a real father he knew that whole going overseas to speak to B-Ball camps was a bunch of BS or a coverup for what the elites really wanted with GiGi. And he didn’t want his name and legacy attached to they fake ass pills either! That man was a real one to the end! I hope Vanessa can dodge they evil asses and keep them off her & their other daughters tails! RIP Kobe :’(

  4. Wow! So did Kobe sell out or did the elites just want his daughter? I felt like this may have been a hit too and the elites couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for this occur so it looks like an accident (LA fog). Just wow!

    1. I don’t think he sold out for his daughter. NO.
      I also do not feel he sold himself out per say but and there’s that butt…. I feel he was sold…. Sold Out by his father or whoever was responsible in grooming him in becoming a NBA all-star player. Then, once he became a Lakers team member he was given guidance on how to manage and behave according to the agreement that landed him in the NBA to hence be traded to the 💜💛💜💛 Lakers and I feel he complied…. For the sake of his love for the game.
      Remember the scandal surrounding his now wife Vanessa. He wasn’t in love with that girl…. Let us not forget HE LIKED BRANDY…. Moreover, talk of him messing with an under age girl hit the news circuits and they ran uh muck with him. Then next you know BOOP 💍 out pops a ring for Vanessa…. Kobe’s good boy image needed to be maintained….. Again, for the agreement that landed him on the Lakers team. And Jerry Buss (RIP) cleaned that mess up nicely to silence the negative narrative the media was famous for spinning… ESPECIALLY on… Well I’ll leave that alone.

      1. I believe he sold himself to rid the rape cast that’s y it was dismissed eventhough they set that up to gain the control…

  5. That’s heavy. At least he didn’t give up his daughter. From all the clips being shown, he was training her up himself….. this is crazy.

  6. So who’s behind this hi-tech pharma company? And how many/which of those ditzy IG broads will peddle this to the community once approved?

  7. I noticed there was always shady business with pharmaceutical companies. I remember when the billionaire were found dead. It was ruled a a unsolved murdered.

      1. Berry Sherman. Also, his wife was murdered. He isn’t tied to this story. I was just using his situation dealing with pharmaceutical companies. It ended killing him.

  8. Damn this really is crazy. I was wondering why would they kill Gigi but this really makes it make sense now. So sad smh

  9. All of this is just heartbreaking. I know it’s all setup it’s just so sad that people’s lives are pawns like this. The evil of this world is sickening. Killing for sport and putting it in our faces and some ppl still don’t see it. It breaks my heart knowing no one is safe. I just pray the blood of Jesus over everyone. Give us the only protection that works. 💙

  10. This was well written like a juicy excerpt from a novel … Yal packed a lot of good information and speculation into this one. And every last one of them seems like great possibilities.

  11. I think the third celebrity to die this year will be lil Wayne. I kinda feel like he died already cause he has not looked or rapped the same since 2016.

    1. To be the next kobe basically to slut her out and get in her head about a basketball career and the crazy shit she’ll have to do.

      1. But that’s only if kobe allowed it and he didn’t he was always with her from my understanding.

  12. When the plane went down I was like that wasn’t God
    That’s not God
    and I’m watching Lebron James closely
    Omg these ppl will have their part in the lake of fire and that’s facts
    Rip Gianna Kobe and the other families

  13. I’m really confused by this post tbh.

    On one hand you say, “2020 will be the year alot of these celebs will be either scared into leaving the industry or BUMPED OFF [ie. sacrifice] and then later on say the season requires 3 celeb deaths so they need “1 more celebrity.” Which is it?

    Are alot of celebrities going to die or is it going to be 1 more celebrity?

    These celeb deaths come in 3’s. So far it’s been Kobe. Does Gigi count as a celebrity? She was only known as Kobe’s daughter.

    What’s the difference between a “hit” as your friend believes and an industry sacrifice?

    Heaven Hollywood said on his youtube video about Kobe’s death that it was an industry sacrifice (Kobe for Lebron). So who is right? Which is it?

    You also say that “you take the oath and you make millions upon millions of dollars you are theirs for life.” So is there no possibly way for them to repent and give their life to Jesus? If that is the case, then why did you make that post about Rihanna (Spillthesugar or ncaseyoudidntknow ig), asking her to repent? I believe they can repent if they want to.

  14. Supposedly they’re looking into whether or not the pilot was suicidal because now it’s been determined that the mountains were in fact visible and the flight path is not adding up. This just gets crazier by the day.

  15. He dies the 26th and hulu releases a documentary called the death of Kobe Bryant, THE NEXT DAY!
    the entertainment industry is evil.

    1. The Documentry was released the same day and get this on Sunday the 26th the day he passed the FL( where the Superbowl is at) pick 3 lottery was 823 Kobe’s Birthday and Lebum had on his Shoes at the game in philly where he beat Kobes record ” Long live Black Mamba 4 ever” Jesus please take the wheel.Im not saying anything but the Holy Spirit is strongly telling me that he his initials LJ knew what was coming and Kobe didn’t like him

    1. Very scary!! Anytime a celebrity die or someone close to them or a family member i always think somebody has sacrificed them. Ppl think I’m krazy when i say That but if they were WOKE like me then they would be on track just like me!

    2. Isn’t it though?! I just hate it and the fact that “they” aren’t done just makes me so uneasy.

      Shoutout to this site though for making folks aware of what’s real. I feel like this is a safe space for us to discuss these things without seeming like we’re crazy conspiracy theorists.

  16. This is all types of fucked up. Damn. I believe every word. I had no idea his daughter was into basketball as I don’t follow sports like that. Kobe thought he was gonna get her in the game but control the play? He’s been in the industry long enough to know that ain’t how it works. Damn.

  17. Whether it was a hit or a sacrifice it was still a gain for the Elites. And I know Gigi was on the way, but she still wasn’t a big enough star. In my opinion, if 3 is what they are after, there will be 2 more stars that will die. Sad, those 7 other innocent souls, who had NOTHING to do with the industry and were taken out, weren’t enough. These folks are gonna bust hell wide open.

    My take is Kobe was probably tired of the devil shit, which is why he was fighting that company and wouldn’t give them his kid. He was over it. Trying to live as much of a peaceful life as possible. I guess he figured he had paid them back what he promised. And we don’t need to guess the athlete that will reap the benefits of this man’s death… I think we all know who. This is horrible.

    1. Facts well said. You always have to sacrifice something if you don’t they will kill and a family member shit just sad. But once you take that oath it’s a done deal. All money ain’t always good money.

      1. Yeah, I think it will be. To me, Gigi just isn’t enough. They want more. I know Wayne is who everyone expects to be next, because hey, he is begging for it(Funeral cover). But I wouldn’t be surprised if it is someone we least expect that is huge.

  18. It was said he went to church Sunday morning for 7am service with his family and also came earlier so he could pray …and then him GiGi left for the game

    1. Catholic Church which is not true Christianity. That is a bastardized version of Christianity and they are pagan themselves. Hoodoo is also mixed within Catholicism.

      1. All religions of today are not true Christianity. Can’t just single out one. Protestants, Baptists etc. derived from Catholicism. They all are remixed with Paganism. At the end of the day, it’s not the religion that makes you. It’s you intentions. You should carry good intentions in your heart, unfortunately this industry do not have good intentions on anyone

  19. I honestly believe that he was a sacrifice for Lebron and Rob Pelinka (the gm of the lakers who just received an extension a month prior who I just recently found out on Espn yesterday that he was also GIGI godfather.) Lebron needs a ring in LA to really be considered one of the greatest if not greatest to ever play. Also, for the stamina, durability and talent to stay in the league to Bronny is able to join. Add the fact that he passed Kobe on the scoring list in Philadelphia which is where Kobe is originally from. That game he wrote on his shoes MAMBA forever and some order quote that I couldn’t make out and when he did his post game interview he was referring to Kobe in a past tense. You can already feel that GIGI was going to be a bigger star than Bronny. Her going to the WNBA was a bigger deal vs Bronny going to the NBA because there is so many talented bball players in the NBA. Especially since they recently upgraded the WNBA pay grade as if they were anticipating for her arrival. I think Kobe more than likely joined the Elites after that Colorado fiasco (which they probably set up) because Kobe knew his talents and work ethic alone could guarantee him a successful career. Once I saw him at Diddy bday party I felt eerie.

      1. Him and his wife also started up an IG and Youtube for his youngest daughter a month ago. Isn’t his son on the come up to be in the NBA too? Sounds like the benefits were already kicking in

  20. I have some questions overall about this if someone could help me?

    1) Kobe retired 3 years ago from basketball. What does sacrificing him exactly benefit? He makes the NBA still tons of money through his Nike “Black Mamba” line, in which BTW all his Kobe Merch on Nike’s website just sold out. He just won an Oscar 2 years ago & runs his own Mamba complex AAU team that was helping the youth & specifically young women’s basketball

    I didn’t see him throwing up any Devil signs or random ppl close to him ever dying, so why are ppl saying he’s with the elites?

    2) if someone whose famous is passed their prime, why do they have to be killed off? Why can’t they either retire or do other forms of work. Besides making money off their estate for an extended period of time depending on how big the star is, what is the point of it all & why does it always seem to be the Black entertainers are always the ones pushed the most?

    3) B is currently in a lawsuit over the trademark “Blue Ivy.” Is something going to happen to her?

    4) LeBron is already successful & has proven himself in the NBA. Whether or not the Lakers won a championship this year doesn’t matter bc no matter how many rings LeBron wins or how long he remains a Laker, it’s always Kobe’s house

    I think it’s too much pressure for LeBron honestly. It’s one thing him wanting to match MJ in the number of championships. It’s another for LeBron to think he can shoulder & take on what Kobe means to LA

    Also, it’s easy in sports to rig games all the time with different fouls & penalties, so I just don’t understand why Kobe had to die

    5) If this was a direct hit, & Kobe was w/the Elites, did they get this one wrong? There’s ppl not even sports fans that can’t stop talking about his death. I’m out of town on assignment for work & theres billboards everywhere for Kobe

    6) why hasn’t anything ever happened to MJ (who LeBron is often compared to & also surpassed him in scoring), Magic (whose game is the most similar to LeBron’s) or Shaq (who does several movies & endorsements similar to LeBron)?

    1. I can answer them:

      6) Magic Johnson, at least to me, is a coon. He supports prisons and probably funds them too. I guess since he sold himself and black people out, he’s in good graces with the elites…for now. Not too sure on Shaq, but I did read on here that he supports Trump.

      5) I think it could’ve both a hit and sacrifice. Even if he was down with the shits, he wasn’t going to let his daughter go through the same thing he went through

      3) I think since Kobe was going against a Pharmaceutical company, and exposing their products, it’s different compared to whatever Beyonce is trying to do with her daughter’s name like kids fashion, merch, etc.

      2) Like G always says, once you sign your life away, ain’t no turning back unless you give all the money back and repent. They’d rather have you killed and be worth millions, maybe billions, than have you leave the industry. I also think they put more pressure on Black entertainers/athletes. You know they try to do Our People dirty, rich or poor.

      1) His death will benefit the industry, making it even more money, and probably Lebron too. I say Lebron because I’ve heard he’s a 33rd Degree Mason. Not sure how true it is, but I’ve seen pics of him in the past throwing up certain hand gestures and having a questionable tattoo on his chest

  21. Also,

    Did anyone see the Sapphire Dragonfly Spiritual Guidance reading on YouTube that said ALLEGEDLY Kobe was trying to get out of his marriage again & Vanessa wouldn’t let go?

    That her & her mom wanted something to happen to Kobe but didn’t account for something happening to her daughter

    Also that the last child isn’t Kobe’s bc they haven’t been sleeping together?

    Not sure any of this is true but it was gaining so much attention that the YouTuber made this particular video only available to view if you are a member of her channel

  22. I KNEW IT. His helicopter magically crashes & catching on fire DID NOT sit right with me smh RIP to those 2 beautiful souls… and somehow i believe he’d rather be dead with his babygirl, than have them bastards do whatever they wanted to do with/to her.

  23. Every one check out Dr Umar Johnson live posted on vintage vegan IG post. What he posted made sense about Kobe’s death. “They” were threatened by his new businesses ventures as well as what G stated with the Pharma D.

  24. I believe it was both a hit and a sacrifice. This is what’s going to happen.. Lakers are going to win and Lebron will be the MVP and dedicate it to Kobe. He will win a few championships, enough to beat Kobe’s records and people will forget about this tragedy although people are on to this.

    1. Too many people hurt about this, I dont think they will get over it. I mean grown men, all ethnic groups. I think it was both as well

  25. When I first heard the news I instantly thought sacrifice! But now with new information it might’ve been a hit. Tragic..

  26. I have so many questions. On some IG profiles I seen this theory about big pharma then I seen this viable theory he faked his death, it’s in their satanic contracts. And if he did where is Gigi? So what’s the truth?

  27. What I find interesting is that Lebron was with Cleveland for a minute & couldn’t win a championship. He goes to the fire (Miami Heat) and plays under the number 6 for 3 years & wins 2 championships & suddenly he blew up. Fire plus 666. I can’t.

  28. OMG! You were so right. I just saw a EVP reading about Kobe. First he came in very clear saying Yea, what’s up? He said the pilot went crazy and that he was a monster. They were arguing over his daughter and then the plain just dropped.

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