October 5, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/27/20

  1. 41 is way too young! All I could think of is LB’s fake IG post on Kobe. It read I I I I I as in I will move on without you bla bla. Weinstein Yuck!! So that nude Liz won all those!? For what? TI yuck

  2. Something definitely isn’t right about Kobe’s passing. There is way too many similarities between his passing & Aaliyah’s passing to me. I believe even down to how long after takeoff did It take for the planes to go crashing down. And we know who’s responsible for why Aaliyah isn’t here with us 🙁

    Roddy Rich did blow up out of nowhere. Plus that whole back and forth between him and Selena Gomez for the #1 slot.. interesting. He sounds like young thug to me just we can actually understand what he’s saying.

    1. Exactly i thought he was young thug at first but so many people seem to know him amd im not with his hype. Ill listen to thugger first.

  3. Chile TI embarrasses his wife but would be looking crazy if she did something like that.i just don’t understand why people can’t keep their hands to themselves! these sacrifices are getting out of control! Like dang just let ppl make it. I will never understand these ppl lives being taken from them, as far as Kobe’s helicopter being able to leave, money talks and that was the first thing i said when i heard it happen all those private jets etc don’t really follow protocol because they don’t have too. The person who cleared it probably felt like he was doing him a favor but he needs to be sued.It just sucks that the situation ended tragically

  4. G can u explain why these sacrifice deaths happen on Sundays? Nipsey & Kobe both died on a Sunday.
    I rolled my eyes reading LBJ post on Kobe…whatever!
    Also I remember you posting about Rih not liking TI so I was surprised when I saw them pictured together.
    The Grammys r a joke!

  5. I think T.I. legacy should go down, he is so arrogant and a bully and treats women horribly. SIP Kobe 😢 and child 🧒🏾.

  6. I couldn’t believe Lebum made that fake ass post, him and D Wades.

    What did Lizzo do now 😖

    I’m not surprised about Victoria Beckham, I wonder if Jalen Rose’s wife Molly messed with him too at some point 🧐

  7. Can yal elaborate on this ~ Olivia Munn was working with Kobe  to ironically help younger kids be less afraid of death.
    Why would kids young or old need help with not being afraid of death… Most adults are afraid of death why target children? Hell people in general struggle with this although we’re all guaranteed a death. This seems odd.

  8. Kobe and Olivia were working with kids to be less afraid of death??? Wth??? Let me hit up google for more info because this sounds crazy… T.I. needs to have a seat somewhere… That man is so ridiculous and full of himself. Gross…

    1. An absolute poster boy for being a narcissist… And Tiny loves his filthy bath water. I know ppl close to her don’t understand her endearment to him.

  9. Now that Kobe is gone Lebron is gonna be everywhere (tv, movies, music, blogs) Sugar babies know it’s more than just coincidences

    1. Dwade was fake crying and I didn’t even read Lebron post but after his step dad said he treats savannah like shit i just see through him

  10. So shy glizzy aka jefe trying to be bigger ummmm. His ladt album cover was strange from somebody from DC but i did see him in a pic with jay at meek grammy after party. Smh

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