October 3, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Roc Nation Brunch

  1. Lil Tip is a creep. Now I’m eager to go back and re-read your mansion party stories and put the names to the faces again lol..

    And I wonder who pissed Rih off. Chrissy looked misplaced but there were a few others there that had me feeling like they were inviting everybody

    1. Rite been trynna get at her for years but she said no way back when…i remember from the mansion parties man she dnt want his ass

    1. Apparentlt you havent been on this blog long, or you would have known the history of Chrissy and her BK connects, Jay and Jim.

      1. “Apparently” you didn’t read this blog post in it’s entirety… its states “why is Chrissy breathing the same air as Ri”…. and I concur! Again how did she get that close??? I’m aware of who she’s been linked to and with whom she’s currently with- and IDC she’s messy and you don’t see her in Bey face, do you? I still don’t understand how she got that close!!! Slow eye roll..

  2. suddenly Hassan is now a proven control freak, I would like to hear from Hassan’s side but billionaire never allow it.

  3. Wasn’t Chrissy’s old ass fucking Jay at one timetime ? That’s how she probably weaseled her way in the Rocnation brunch .Lol can anyone tell me why RiRi was so angry when Chrissy walked up to her? What did she say to RiRi?

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