October 2, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Confrontation Between Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj Husband

  1. Meek is a clown how tf you got 50 people outside ready to fight ken if you are going to fight someone fight one on one tf it’s so weak of him

  2. Roflmao 😹 … Scary ass Meek can’t fight one on one. Ol’ jump a hoe ass nigga, damn Meek a bitch !! Someone call camel & tell him Meek scared to fight 1 nigga .. I repeat .. 1 NIGGA !!

  3. This was juicy 🍿🍿🍿 so did meek plan that or knew where they were gonna be or did they just so happen to run into each other. Do y’all think meek still want Nicki back? I wonder how meek’s new bm feel about this?

  4. First of all MEEK was there first! Second he said he had 100 people outside to joke off her saying he had 50 and it’s Grammy weekend it wouldn’t be uncommon for him to have a lot of people with him! True he probably shouldn’t have said anything but if he was trying to clear up a beef then I think that was a good thing! Nik and Ken probably both high off coke and lost their cool for no reason! Trust Nikki is still in her feelings about Meek! She always will be!

    1. Meek should have stayed in his lane and not said anything. Squash beef for what and you started all the mess and even did a diss song bye mane everybody don’t care about no meek all he ever do is talk ish like a lil bish.

      1. I never did like Meek screaming ass! But question…y did he leave Ross team and get with Jay team???

    2. You sound foolish. Meek has shown his cornball antics plenty of times before. How is he trying to make amends NOW but yet he was dissing Kenneth in a song & even dissed Nicki before too and made friends with her enemies. Meek feeling himself now that he Signed under snake ass jay z and he the one still in his feelings over Nicki cause that was the only other time people truly backed him was when he was with her. The 2nd time being when he was the poster child for social injustice. After he got out of jail and “got his justice” people moved on.

    3. Never forget meek only got Nicki off of being a snitch & ratting Safaree out for the pussy. He didn’t have the juice to snatch her away on his own he had to befriend her man and play him to get her. And he knew the only reason she stuck with him is cause she was trying to get revenge on Safaree, not because she genuinely wanted to be with him otherwise they would’ve ran off into the sunset together and he would be in Kenneth spot. Remember that next time you try to say SHE was hung up on HIM lol

    4. It doesn’t matter who was there first, fact of the matter that’s nor the place or the time to try peace things out esp not with Nicki’s husband there- how you gna try and squash beef and flex at the same time! Meek started this beef when he dogged Nicki out after they broke up- he switched up on her, Nicki never said shit about him till he started taking shots at her and making music with people she was on the outs with. I don’t know about you but if one of my exes did all that after we broke up and I never did anything to you to warrant that clown behaviour then we AINT NEVER GNA BE GOOD

    5. You clearly can’t read or can’t comprehend! It says him trying to squash it was UNTRUE. He tried to flex on them. LEAVE THE NICKI HATE TRAIN AT THE STATION PLEASE😭

  5. What was the deal with the rapper dude Retch, I read somewhere that he took the pictures and posted for clout but idk see how.

  6. Ooop- I ain’t from the skreets but even I can tell you Rihmeek that Mr Petty ain’t the one! How you tryna peace it out with Nicki when her husband is right there next to her.. of course he will say something that’s his wife that you been mouthing off. Meek should’ve kept it moving and try and sort it straight with Nciki without Kenneth being around. All of this would’ve been avoided if Meek had not jumped on the nicki hate bandwagon as soon as they broke up- that’s that clown shit!

    Leave Nicki alone, she just wanted to shop in peace with her husband 😓

  7. Nicki an her husband was just tryna mind they business an shop and here comes corny sell out ass meek tryna flex 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. The bigger picture is Meek got out jail not long ago. He is literally not in the clank by the hair on his chinny chin chin. So why on earth would you put yourself in a position where they can arrest you AGAIN, for a altercation. He knows he and Nicki aren’t on the best terms and she probably isn’t a peace making way. He should have just let the situation be. But no, he wants to clown. Good things this didn’t go any further left.

  9. Off topic: but Mr. Richard lawson looks like the life is being sucked out of him. He was always a god looking older man but now he looking old.

  10. I’m just gne wait til G & Heav tell me who dun sacrificed Kobe Bryant like that Smmfh this some krazy shit man!!!

    1. Girl me too. I find it interesting how Lebron hand wrote Mamba on his sneakers before the game. Has me thinking since I heard. I wasn’t a fan of Kobe’s BUT no one deserves to die. It’s heart breaking.

  11. On another note it’s Grammy Sunday and Kobe Bryant has died, who was also just past on the all time scoring list by L. James. Sacrificed but by who?

  12. Am I crazy for thinking Kobe has just been sacrificed? I’m in shock right now and horrified. I met Kobe once when he first got drafted… such a nice dude, a real gentleman… The timing of this just gives me bad vibes. Sad day…

  13. Remember what G said, someone is sacrifice on grammy week…… GRAMMY NIGHT KOBE BRYANT #LEBRON AINT GET THE #1 SPOT FOR NOTTHING

  14. You told us months ago this would happen. However, did Nicki go to the grammy’s I didn’t see one pic of her attending any events

  15. This definitely has different versions to it, and the confusing video didn’t help, but 1 alleged version on YT- lovelyTi actually, was that the store manager tried to tell Nicki meek was there, and then it all went south after that, they insinuated they started it supposedly…The person who gave her tea said she was a friend of the person/employer that recorded and sold to TMZ.

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