October 5, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/24/20

  1. I’m confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ and just don’t understand these 2:

    Kenya Barris rumored to be blasting T, E,R cakes to smithereens?
    Gabby Union goes in on Terry Crews  Gabby says nigga who you taking da kie

    Gotta google Kenya Barris … Because who? 😂🤣
    I luv how after I read some of these I have to do a little homework. 😉

    1. Here is the tea yal – Kenya Barris ~ is a writer and producer, known for Black-ish (2014), Girls Trip (2017) and Grown-ish (2018). He has been married to Rainbow 🌈 Barris since December 3, 1999. They have six children. (Child support and alimony)… whew Chile!!
      Rainbow is a character name in Black-ish – Cute he named her after his wife. 💕

    1. Thank you BECAUSE CLEARLY IM slow … I was thinking 🤔 like T E R … but what’s eff’d up is THIS – his wife name is RAINBOW 🌈 and I be damned if he didn’t name T E R character RAINBOW!! That’s BOLD AF!!!

      1. He named the character Rainbow because Blackish is supposed to be based off their real life marriage/family.

    1. The line Lauren London has the commercials for? Hell I ain’t heard or Seen NOTHING since the initial commercials was all over my IG newsfeed.
      I believe no one really paid it much mind or attention after the initial promo for it. NEXT …. and boom ivy park!

      1. Oh not the commercial but the pics she posted today. I agree with you on the puma thing being over looked. I feel like she just doesn’t have a place so she just doing anything to keep her name alive. Because they could have done something with puma together when he was here since she already had a name for herself, but no she riding the coattail of the marathon. Which she ain’t have no parts of. For example everybody liked new new from ATL then boom she’s lil wayne baby mother.

      2. I think Nipsey puma deal was a roc nation Deal /opportunity for him. Of course she wasn’t included in that. Now what I wonder now is if Roc Nation is involved In this deal that she’s in with Puma… 🤔 hmm

      3. Oh hell yeah now it makes more sense to why she representing it instead of samantha(his sister)… and she must lack something because she aint have no deals but sean john😂

  2. Always thought TER was on the rainbow spectrum – even back when she did Girlfriends.

    Ariana might not want to take that spot. She’s beyond fragile and I predict the moment she takes on the biggest pop star, she’ll have a breakdown that they’ll code as exhaustion like her idol.

  3. What does being “formerly straight” have to do with anything? Lena cheated on her, repeatedly from what I read. I swear y’all go through hoops to blame it on the “straight” girl.

  4. Waite a cotton picken minute hunni, so Ms. Lena was cheating with Harriet Tubman?

    Now did you already say Copyonce would be performing at the SB which twitter is confirming?

  5. Hmmm…is T-Swizzle about to begin her decline? Too much negative stuff been happening to her this past year

    1. Yes I’m wondering the same thing, I know Dennis chested with a woman a while back so I’m thinking it’s him that cheated with a man

  6. Who will be at the Grammys this year tho? I just heard that got outed for rigging the awards(which we already knew). And it of course has caused scandal. Along with the dude and the alleged sexual assault. Looks like what of the Elites watering hole is starting to run dry.

    Lori, save yourself.

    OK, JLO, if you say so 😁.

    1. Terry Crews said he’d never experienced racism on AGT and it’s the most diverse place he’s ever worked in his entire entertainment career. Then had the audacity to say he can’t speak on sexism bc he’s not a woman. How quickly he forgot WHO stood up for him, when that agent grabbed him by the balls – BLACK WOMEN!

  7. Damn Ariana is about to run the game. Honestly if anyone deserves that spot it’s her she’s been consistent, her vocals are amazing , and she been through too much in the industry so far for them to not let her be the new Queen of pop. Taylor Swift played too many games with the wrong people and now that her masters are in the hands of someone she doesn’t want them to be she wants to play victim (AGAIN) and call herself exposing the industry a little. Ok girl lmao. The Ariana Reign will be an interesting one. She definitely has been the number 2 girl in pop. Taylor took out her competition in Katy Perry swiftly lol pun intended but she can’t do the same with Ari cause then then the world will turn on her for real

  8. T, E, R is- Terri Ellis Ross.

    Lena Waithe is so unattractive to me. Something about her don’t sit right either. Her wife will be fine.

    The Grammys is all corrupt so it doesn’t matter who wins these awards. There has been wayyy more talented artist in the past that didn’t get these awards and their music as been more impactful than these current artist.

    No words for Lori…just gross.

    Porsha needs to move on and figure out how to co-parent with this guy now. It’s not going to work.

    I’m not surprised by Terry Crews response. We always go the bat for BM, but can’t get the same support back. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Where is JLo no ing too? Why is leaving the country?

  9. I love yal , ride or die for life
    But Lena waithe is not attractive and she looks like Sid the Sloth from ice age
    She should’ve kept her hair!

  10. Don’t do Raphael Saadiq like that lmfao. That line just killed me omg 🤣. Don’t mind me. I’m just catching up

  11. So what does it mean now that Ariana Grande did not win album of the year? I think that Billy girl or something like that one. So what does that mean now?

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