October 3, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off At The Mouth

  1. Brittaney spears hurt my heart smh. Like tf her father is so wrong. Anyways what’s going on with that? Like when he get out the hospital

  2. I hope her father dies so BJ can be freeeeee. I remember when they first did the conservatorship it was shockingly bs. They ruined her marriage, her motherhood, her career. Wtf else do they want? Nobody cares about Jamie and we all know he is a pedophile. What secrets do they want to keep? She’s not even 40 yet. Sorry, this case inflames me. I don’t remember them doing this to anyone else in the industry post internet era. God bless BJ and her boys.

  3. I think you’re talking about Columbus Short, the black dude that used to be her back up dancer. I heard they had a fling

  4. Wow 😳 that was a lot to take in on one post. I need to see these pics of Tim! … who really likes Taylor swift 😒🙄 she gives off Total Bitch vibes. I feel so sorry for Britney Jean 🥺, Cher just needs to be careful.

  5. Can we get more info on why Robyn decided to sign with Sony? I can tell from her recent symbolic photo shoot that she’s over this whole industry.

    1. Omg yes the pic with her head down i can just tell too I wouldn’t be surprised if she was crying before the shoot or had a breakdown.

  6. I pray Britney somehow can get out of this conservativeship. Does Cher have any power to take Britney under her wing?

    & that’s why Justin’s career is nowhere now. Ppl only know who he is bc of his relationship w/Britney & besides Janet its the top question he’s always asked. It’s okay for him to cheat on everyone, but when someone does it back, he is butthurt & wants revenge?

    Britney wasn’t even w/Justin when the Columbus Short thing happen. Must be jealous of Short having a bigger d***

    Didn’t him & Timbaland still want to work w/Britney after the fact around or right after the Blackout album?

    I bet if something were to happen to Britney(which I hope doesn’t happen) he would be the first one in interviews saying a bunch of BS trying to seem like a good guy for attention. What a fraud

    I hate this whole “pass the torch” thing. Doesn’t the industry realize by now the more successful black ppl in power means more money for them?

  7. That’s a damn shame Diddy alledgly sacrafice Kim Porter for more game and money. But now you want us to believe you miss her so deeply now on Instagram that my friend is some cold hearted shit.

  8. Fuck Justin’s bitch ass I can’t stand him. And Lizzo say it ain’t so sis. I am not surprised though. Waiting to see how many Grammys she win.

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