October 4, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/23/20

  1. Pier’s Morgan has shown some ignorance towards Asians in the past now that I think about it..but what he don’t know is Asians don’t play that. Your brand will be ruined forever and never to be the same. Plus one of the 13 families is Asian so you never know when that can come into play too!! Tread lightly.

    Now Hassan wanna act brand new? For what? You didn’t want to compromise and the relationship was going nowhere so Rih left. NOW she beneath you, but when you was sliding in that cha cha she was just fine 0_0 not surprised coming from a snooty billionaire.

    1. And poor BEYHIVE, they just want one win over Rih..they just want they fave to finally be one step ahead for once but the queen just ain’t that creative, on her own at least. Why wouldn’t bey include plus size clothes, at a time where body positivity is being pushed? Cause she just ain’t thinking ahead like she should! Maybe it’s the MK so can’t blame her entirely.

    1. Supposedly, the big secret with NeNe, like Wendy, Greg had a side baby. That’s why Wendy was saying,”she (Nene) has a lot on her shoulders. Also, when Andy asked Nene was she gonna leave Greg ( not knowing what the situation was), Nene responded, I don’t know if I’m gonna stay.

  2. Bey missing the mark again. That should have been a given to include plus size. Atleast up to 3x.

    Oh so now rih is beneath him. See how the racism just jumped out.

    Idk if this was ever true but wasn’t jessica a virgin atleast when she 1st entered the industry so if she was assaulted was that….?

  3. G, can you discuss Lizzo? She’s on Tik Tok sucking D and her Rolling Stone cover, shes half naked as well.

  4. What did we say about the re-launch of Ivy Park? All that promotion & sending those celebs trunks of clothes for what? Her fans will buy it initially bc of the hype, but no fashion line of hers has ever succeeded & the colors & some of the styles were literally inspired by Riri’s Fenty Puma line 3 years ago

    B just doesn’t have it outside of performing & singing & THATS OKAY. She’s better off actually putting together a better album & sign the contract for the Vegas residency

    Lizzo had a box sent over designed for folks smaller than her. A mess.

    Fenty everything is better bc Rihanna is inclusive of everyone & has a vision beyond most ppl to execute the right things. Rih puts a lot of thought into her products even down to the packaging & isn’t a celeb a company is simply licensing their name for

    It also helps that everyone raves about Rihanna’s makeup & fashion. When do you hear anyone discussing what B has on or who did her makeup?

    Screw Hassan. You’re allegedly broken up but now that there’s rumors of another man in the picture, you want to be petty. You stayed cheesing in the cameras too when you were caught in pictures w/Rih. The gag is ppl only know who you are bc of being w/Rihanna the past few years. You weren’t ashamed of those pics then. There were no headlines on whatever that thing he had with Naomi

    It seemed obvious Nene was done w/RHOA or that Bravo is done w/her as she continues to not even be in certain episodes. Especially this season. However I don’t think Nene wants to leave bc it’s her bread & butter but she’s burned so many bridges & isn’t cool w/many of the women outside of filming, so what choice does she have?

    Not surprised Jessica Simpson was taken advantage of. Wasn’t her father the one making inappropriate comments about her boobs?

  5. I cant believe anybody would buy a freaking vagina candle…that’s just nasty asf to me.

    I worry that Antonio Brown is gonna spiral to the point that he actually kills that ex wife, so I hope they do arrest him and force him into treatment. I think that man has got some serious mental health issues that are not being addressed.

    I dont believe that Wendy and Nene text thing. I think Nene is much too calculating for that. She and Wendy are friends. She had Wendy put the “text” out there with the dramatic information about Nene having something big and sad going on. And Nene will act mad and act like it was leaked and the two of them are probably laughing on the phone as we speak.

    1. Hassan has been asking for those photos from 2017 to be taken down from as soon as they hit the internet back then. It’s a cultural thing. I’m sure he’s family wasn’t to happy seeing the public affection in the photos everywhere.
      Unfortunately this relationship was doomed from the beginning. I really hope she finds true love.

  6. Some of the things Bey wears on stage is good but she’s not a fashion. Let Rih have her moment cause fashion and beauty is more her thing.

    1. Fenty did have a clothing line with Puma, but that contract ended last June. Rih, signed with another line for her Fenty apparel

  7. regardless of what happens or happened, for men like Hassan, Rihanna or any other industry woman like her is not a price, marrying such a person would make him an object of scorn in the circle that is beneficial and important to him.

  8. I can’t help by wonder why they’re allowing the Grammys to go down. What’s really going on in the industry?

  9. Her ivy park line was also getting clowned online for looking like a British grocery store uniform. A hot mess.

    Beyonce needs to leave fashion to the other girls

  10. I think Giselle’s mother is behind all of the designing at Ivy Park. For this reason, it will never be a hit. All the Witchery in the world can’t make the public get down with Dereon fashions.
    Being with Hassan was a major L for Rihanna. Wasted years heading toward a definitive dead end even Stevie Wonder could see (he ain’t blind, blind tho🤣). I think Hassan lured her with the hopes of buying her out of some contracts and obligations. Rih has to understand them weekly Illuminati meetings and the rituals are never ending.
    Jessica Simpson the virgin was just a cool, neat lil BACKSTORY to gain fans and sell records. Back innaday parents had the money and bought their kids music so they tugged on their morality strings that lead to their credit cards. Jonas Brothers did something similar with the purity ring bs and parents ate it up. Trust, I took my kids to see them lil niggas twice! Smh. Jessica was passed around the industry just like everyone else. Ain’t no special treatment for anyone!

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