September 26, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Amanda Seales already causing Problems on The Real

  1. I completely agree! Amanda half the time is right, especially when it comes to race BUT it’s her delivery. Her tone and talking down on those who are wrong, you can make your point and educated someone without having a nasty tone. I call it a civilized read

  2. They need her to be who she is … which comes off as a complete bitch! This will definitely stir the pot ruffle feathers and make the other ladies feel visibly UNCOMFORTABLE… that’s what they want. Read the body language. Lonnie was eating that ish up. Jeannie was looking crazy after Amanda shut her down Tamera wasn’t looking that AT ALL bc she didn’t want no smoke from Amanda and Adrienne was trying be politically correct and also make Amanda feel like I’m ON YOUR SIDE SIS (I’m Latina)… Meanwhile Amanda was looking like nah sis you wrong you wrong and you for damn SURE WRONG (JEANNIE)! This is gonna be an interesting season we ain’t seen or heard the last of this new addition. Let’s see if them RATINGS jump… 🤔🤗🙄

  3. I don’t even understand why Jeannie is still on there. She’s controversial to me. Says dumb/ignorant stuff quite often. She’s always rubbed me the wrong way.

  4. Amanda has valid points at time, but we know she can be problematic and narcissistic. I see this going down in flames.

  5. Haven’t watched since she joined but I’m already knowing she causing issues. And how shocking that she got issues with Adrienne and Jeannie the two non black Women. Loni probably feel like that’s her partner in unnecessary crime & Amanda is biracial herself so she ain’t gonna clown on Tamera who also is biracial. I’ll be expecting the show to be cancelled but if these chicks is any type of smart they’ll save it before it goes down that route.

  6. Anything jea says is invalid, she said she got surgery to change her eyes, smh she don’t even like herself, self hating self , girl bye.

  7. It begins with the undoing of white supremacy, period. People need to be educated first about what it is, how it is still operating and how white privilege is the norm. The problem is that many whites can’t handle that truth and no one wants to be the one to rock the boat, particularly within the very systems that sponsor their way of living and being able to provide for their families.

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