September 26, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 1/21 Antonio Brown

  1. G, I think this is just the beginning. When Rosenhaus dropped him with the condition he gets help – that may have been his last chance at help. I hope not but AB really has some problems. Seems like he was getting some opportunities to play again and when he fcks it up, goes on a rant, then “apologizes”. When the apology doesn’t work, he goes off again. He keeps giving the NFL reasons to keep him off any team.

  2. Why is this happening to him? I remember meeting him at this softball camp in Pittsburgh. He def was smelling himself too much lol. He is a great football player if he could just stfu sometimes…

  3. He’s a real life clown and needs and intervention… he has this very cocky untouchable air about himself which is absolutely absurd and disgusting. I believe when he falls ALL THE WAY FROM “GRACE” it’s gonna be a hard ROCK BOTTOM somebody help me kind of fall. 😔

  4. Nah this whole story is crazy because they was allll on his d*ck not too long ago like omg omg he’s so good every team want him then all of the sudden the world turned on him and situation after situation started happening

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