October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/21/20

  1. I feel for Delonte. He has severe mental health issues & basically went broke funding his family w/new homes, cars & masters degrees. At one point, he was working @ Home Depot. LeBron has still helped Delonte West even when he was on the Cavs. I do hope though whoever is able to reach him can help.

    1. There was a rumor the reason LeBron left the Cavs was that he found out Delonte West was sleeping with his mom. I’m not sure why though Gloria would laugh at this

      1. because Delonte west was smashing lebron’s mom when he and lebron was teammates and he let it leak out

  2. I just want Riri’s album out at this point. Her personal life @ the moment is too much going on.

    Brad/Jen looked like they have been intimate again on the low. Did Angelina feel bad when she had the spear campaign against Brad during the divorce? Now she’s bothered?

    Is it true Mrs. Bieber is prefrontal?

  3. Damn i aint know George was cheating but I’m not surprised and y cant Pamela Anderson find the right man she seems like such a sweet person

  4. I know Angelina Jolie not in her feelings. She didn’t give fuck about Jennifer feelings. If I was Jennifer Aniston I wouldnt take Brad. Rihanna and Asap Rocky just need to come out about it. I dont really like Asap Rocky for her. But he really makes her happy. I’ve seen her smile a lot more around him. I remember years ago when they were dating she was so happy. I dont know how he is in bed, but it must be good she keep going back. Yes Serena Williams needed to block drake. Drake always trying to mess up other people’s relationships. Wendy Williams getting her pay back. She always dragging others on her show. She is nasty, disgusting and disrespectful to other women. Im glad she getting dragged down.

  5. Fuck Angelina, Charlize. As far as Delonte…nothing funny here. I hope Lebron ain’t laughing. Mental illness is no laughing matter

  6. Who cares about Angelina’s feelings. She deserves it although I do not think Jen should take back Brad but I am sure they are fucking with each other. It’s so obvious they had real love between the two. I wondered if Brad’s family ever liked Angelina

    It was nasty to hear Wendy farting on air. She tried to play it off too but that Mic picked up everything lol
    George Clooney gay. I heard him and his good friend be getting it down

  7. Angelina got some nerve! Wah Wah cry about it.

    I thought Millie Bobbie Brown looked beautiful. It’s still messed up what the elites is doing to her, and yeah she obviously looks older than her age, but at least she ain’t lookin bad (for now) lol.

  8. Something is off with Serena’s husband. I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t see them lasting. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Any tea on Brandon Lee? Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s son? He’s one of the youngest on “The Hills” but is one of the most mature on that show. I really like him but he’s sober bc he used to be bad into drugs & alcohol in his early teens. I can only imagine what he’s been thorough and seen knowing who his parents are

  10. Angie YOU felt disrespected? Ok let’s see you stole Jens husband, married him, then had kids….all in the public eye. OK

  11. It would speak volumes about Lebron’s character if he reached out to his ex teammate and offered help being that everyone is blaming Delonte’s downfall on him. He should have been more angry with his mom instead of his teammate. Smh… Rihanna is just living life right now and getting all of her “playing the field” out of her system before she chooses with whom she will settle with. There’s undeniable chemistry between Brad and Jennifer but I don’t think Jennifer feels the same as Brad. They may be or end up smashing for old times sake but it won’t last. Serena’s husband has something strange about him going on. I can’t put it into words but I don’t even see chemistry between the two. More like friends that decided to get married and have a child due to history with each other. Drake real messy and sneaky. He’s not to be trusted.

  12. George Clooney cheating on that lawyer, I’m ready for you take 90% and force him back into acting. She doesn’t deserves to be with him, she should of marry one of her most paid bosses. Billionaire type of money with no pre-nup

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