October 3, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Break-up of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel Part 2 Asap and Drake

  1. I think Riri like you’re saying is in a FWB situation w/ASAP Rocky & it’s nothing serious

    It feels like Deja Vu though when she was doing this w/Travis then Drake swooped in

    I can’t see Riri going back w/Drake & being a stepmother to a child w/a stripper. But stranger things have happened w/these celebs

    Say if by some miracle Drake is able to get Riri back, what would that look like?

    It seems there’s always some argument about another woman so us Drake giving up his harem this time?

  2. I think everyone wants/wanted her & drake together but he just wasn’t serious & probably didn’t think she would leave.

  3. It’s the Adonis factor that’s why Rih can’t get back with Drake on that level. She was serious about settling down with him and discussing marriage and children and he was saying he was too but he probably thought it was another one of their usual dances but it wasn’t. Imagine you been dealing with the same dude off and on for a decade and you probably know everything there is to know about him, and you finally ready to settle and he fuck up…then BOOM! All of a sudden NOW he pops up with a baby by a woman that he barely even knows like he usher or something (lol). Even though she was with Hassan she probably felt some typ of way but brushed it off cause she had a man, now that man is gone but Adonis ain’t going nowhere and neither is Sophie. She can’t play second fiddle to Sophie when she was the one with the history with drake. He messed up in 2016 but he Deaded the chance of revival by knocking Sophie up and giving her what he was supposed to give Rih IMO.

    Here Lies Aubrih

      1. I love Rhianna, but LORD, she needs a therapist. All the back and forward with the SAME dudes from her past is ridiculous. Regardless if it for fun or not, must it be the same guys? Are there no more NEW fun phuck buddies out there in the world?

        I liked Drake with her. Rhianna was a good look for him. However, they are like oil and water, they don’t mix. Drake and Rhianna have tried several times, but it just doesn’t work. Sure there is chemistry, but a relationship needs more than just that. And those 2 don’t have that something more. It always starts off good and ends in drama. They need to move on separately.

        I also understand Hassan. Who wants their partner’s ex man/woman hanging around? Especially if there is nothing tying them together, like children. It would be different if Rhianna was a person that ended the relationship on a good note with a ex and was in contact with them, but strictly PLATONIC. Then she could say, I don’t want nor like him and MEAN it. But she can’t do that because she doesn’t mean it. Because, hey, she DOES end up screwing them(exes) again.

  4. I remember that you said something about a Fenty x OVO clothing collaboration back in October. Is that still a possibility?

    1. Drake has always been infatuated with Nicki but he never got to have her the same way he had Rih cause she don’t feel the same way. So what’s he to do? Sit around and wait for her to come around when he’s tried MULTIPLE times literally lol. But Rih is different they actually had romantic dealings so he came around to love her too, but tbh If drake could have it his way it would be Nicki cause she’s more his type (thick and sexy) and they also have history through young money.

  5. Drake not giving up his hoes for rihanna no time soon. Her getting with him most likely will cause those girls to post and laugh that they are still fucking him. She needs to find someone else and stop running to her ex’s two who are now baby daddies.

  6. I saw ASAP’s sex video and now I’m wondering WHY she would return back for the benefits part? That’s definitely a one hit wonder….wonder why I let you hit. ✌🏽

  7. Drake is never going to wife Rihanna. She’s someone who smashed the homies. He’s cool with ASAP, Travis, and Chris.

    I think who Drake really wanted was Nicki but she never liked him back because she likes a roughneck. She is the biggest fool. Messed up her bag and friendship with Drake being down with Meek and now married to that damn convict. She would’ve been Drakes perfect woman: beautiful, smart, thick body, rapper, successful

    1. I agree. They could’ve been the king and queen of rap which you don’t really see that much. It’s always male rapper & female singer. And the times it is two rappers together, a competition always ensues (like how meek was jealous/envious of Nicki’s bigger rapper status on the low). But they history would’ve made it work. And I truly think since Nicki was always the one he wanted and chased for SO long, he would’ve shaped up for her real quick (even though some would disagree). It took him breaking Rih heart and having Adonis to realize he should’ve shaped up, and that was how many years since they started they back & forth? Smh.

    2. Meek is a convict. Has been in and out of the jail system please don’t pass judgment everyone has a past. No one is perfect. And on top of that nicki has known her husband since they were kids. I will take history over what the public wants for me because at the end of the day all of that can be taken away and you’re alone.

      1. I agree thats what i said about nicki and her husband i said wtf she can’t take all the money with her and why not spend it with someone you really know.

    3. Biggest fool according to who? That’s you’re opinion. Nicki bags on top of bags are very secured and she did it on her own

  8. Man, there’s so much I have to take one day to catch up on, but glad I caught this… so as far as I’ve seen you always on point, I don’t ask for receipts because as I stated over there. You are always AHEAD and have ya AHEAD… although, I didn’t see how the Hassan thing was gonna work (I remember seeing idk if here or so where he’s connected to somethingS -IS) anyway I also don’t know what she see in these Travis, Rocky dudes and mind you love RIH but it’s don’t negate she’s well up esp now signing with SONY?!! SONY?!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ SB: I was on Natalie “Payne” drunk live a couple of days ago, I never go on it. And I should of screen record, thought someone would and it would be everywhere, I knew she would delete next day the stuff, but man did I think of you and your always ahead tea on her and him not too long ago!

  9. I think she realised drake has change his vision in what type of women, he wants. Sadly she doesn’t know that she isn’t the one for him as much as wants it. He needs something fresh and new, so he can make a impression on her with the the industry adding.

  10. Mannnnnn we all knew that it’s Friends with benefits. But ughhhhh they can hang that Drake thing up. It’s a mess no matter if it’s back to friends basis. I feel so much on and off and having that baby and never said anything to her. Yeah I wouldn’t be able to swallow that. Either. BUTTTTT again you really can’t say never. Who knows what May happen. We didn’t think her and Chris Brown would ever make amends and look she posted his song and they have done a believe a song together.

  11. It’s obvious ASAP is a rebound and she’s catching up on all the fun she missed out on. It’s just a relief from everything. I forgot the actors name heaven mention in his live who is bajan too that would make a good match down the line. Right now she should just focus on herself and properly heal.

  12. Rihanna a Pisces we’re all over the place when we truly love somebody. I bet she’s still dealing with that drizzy hurt. Right circumstances trust me if she really loved Drake she would give him another chance

  13. That’s why we don’t let ppl in but when we truly love someone it’s hard to let go… That’s why she go back and forward

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