October 4, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye on The Sacrifice

    1. Yeah I was like to see it written and to think of their relationships with these people and the fame that came right before after 😳

  1. I would have a million question if Rock sacrificed his father to rise faster or bigger since I remember reading an article just last year that said he was in the top 5 of highest paid actors in Hollywood. Seems he’s already on top to me. But what do I know.

    Soulja Boy. I haven’t seen real fame with him. So sacrificing his own brother? Or did I miss it? I will admit that I don’t really follow him like that.

    Suge Knight. That fool is in jail and doesn’t seem like he’s getting out. When was his fame? I just always knew him to be feared but not famous. Dr. Dre I could believe for sure since that woman beater is out here living the life of a multi-millionaire.

    Eminem seem like he really mourned Proof’s death. I wonder if any of them ever feel bad or sink into depression when they sacrifice people that have been there for them. That has to be some shit they live with when the lights are out or they don’t have the same group around them that they once did to keep them distracted.

    But along the same lines, I thought the $20 mil club was a mother or first born son. Whatever the case, ALL this shit is sickening. And the lengths these fools go to to become famous is some fuck shit. Probably better to not ever even consider friendships with these people because they could choose to sacrifice yo ass if it came down to it. Damn.

    1. I hope this doesn’t sound rude but if you are unaware of Soulja’s success you may be a little too young. He definitely had his run of success

  2. Wow when it’s judgement day and God says to these ppl I gave you your mom, son, father, friend daughter what happened to them?
    Whew chile how are they gonna answer
    I wondered how that worked out for Bill Cosby hmmm
    John travolta your son was special oh you’re definitely gonna get it
    Blood cries Their time is coming

  3. Sad part is half of these people aren’t even relevant anymore and we don’t care about they career’s anymore. So you sacrificed your loved one for what exactly? It’s not like you made something of your time on top and kept the money long. Half of these people barely getting by, or either flat out broke. Only song by the game I know the name of is that song with drake “100”. Anything else is unknown or he ain’t that solid enough to where I knew it was him.

    Also the other half sacrificed the actual talent for money and still ended up flat out forgotten! Or stripped of power! Suge took Pac? Now he in jail! Cosby took his son out? Look how they stripping him now even in his old age smfh.

    1. Exactly!!! You sacrificed for money, and now look at you irrelevant and probably gonna end up broke, in jail, or committing suicide smfh!

  4. So the million dollar question: Did Meg Thee Stallion sacrifice her mother? Did Dababy sacrifice his father?

  5. I knew it was something about JPrince that spooked my spirit! I asked a long time ago about the backstory on him and hold in hip hop

  6. Damn thats crazy I’m from savannah ga and everyone loves camoflauge and I had no idea he was sacrificed just thought he was shot by haters because savannah is a crab in the bucket city and everyone claims they related to him

    1. I’m trying to pull back but its hard. I can detach from it but would like to cut back. How do you do it?

  7. Sacrifice was the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of casting info about The Rocks future projects and I heard he was in talks with DC and Marvel both. He will only get bigger from here

  8. Jay z in the song lost ones did say my nephew died in the car I bought then he said I feel partially it my fault.

  9. Megan’s mom and grandmother passed in the same month..her career took off right after…that’s no coincidence

  10. Why question is why sacrifice Aaliyah when she was at the top of her game? Wouldn’t they want to keep her in the industry?

  11. So I wonder how that sacrifice is going for Suge Knight?
    Did all that to get his booty are and tossed with every night

  12. OMG all this makes sense. I saw a netflix show called ARES where you have to make a human sacrifice to get to the top. That shit scared me.

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