October 2, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/16/19

  1. JLo’s role in Hustlers wasn’t Oscar worthy, at all. I mean, she did a good job but her performance was forgettable.

    1. I definitely fell asleep on the movie. I couldn’t get into it but I was happy every time I saw Keke lol that’s it

  2. Jlo gotta be the hottest deactivated celebrity I know lol. I think it’s kinda messed up that they made the movie without involving the person it was about, but they can always say it’s not about her. She not getting a dime.

    I couldn’t really get into the Hustlers movie, maybe I need to watch it again but I def don’t think sis should’ve been nominated for that

    Somebody need to put AB in jail already. He getting on my nerves

  3. Beyoncé probably not even considered black to white folk in Hollywood just like Oprah. They probably view them as white women who just got unlucky and was born black -_-

    1. This!!!! They really do think that about the ‘selected ones’. Like the color was a mistake, lol!!!

  4. AB likes trash so he really should not be mad that his roosters have come home to roost… if he was still in the NFL I’m sure they would still be together… If JLo deserves an Oscar, Madea does too…

  5. Y’all smoking dicks , Hustlers was HORRIBLE! The whole plot of the movie is bad and I swear I was sleep 20 minutes into it ….. in regards to the suit she always copying something…

    Beyoncé is besties with ANYONE who isn’t black….

    Antonio has CTE it’s obvious and he’s still a trash person….

    Jenner sisters aren’t original either / Kim can’t win for losing they simply don’t care for her the same anymore

  6. Gtfoh,Tyler Perry! Until they somehow find a way to retroactively give Angela Bassett her damn Oscar award, I don’t want to hear shit about Jlo’s non acting ass being snubbed. She didn’t deserve the nomination, imo.

  7. Tyler Perry is lying his ass off about JLo deserving an Oscar nomination. Her role in “Hustler’s” was some of, if not, her best work considering her body of work. But compared to seasoned actresses – STOP IT!

    The Jenner sisters always getting sued for copyright infringement. Remember when they superimposed their images over Tupac, Biggie and other musical legends faces on t-shirts and sold them?

    So now Kim is all for Tristan now – ha! Tristan will make a fool out of Khloe again.

  8. Alot of Our brothers and sisters get snubbed at the Oscars—for centuries!
    Jenny and her crowd will be ok🤷🏿

  9. Antonio is trash. And crazy. He is clearly dealing with some mental health issues and quickly spiraling out of control. It’s scary, but I could see him killing that woman. His family, management or somebody needs to step in and files a 5150 on him and do an emergency eval.or something.

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