September 30, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Tuesday Decipher Beyonce’ Crazy in Love, Diva and Sweet Dreams and The Rebirth Part 2

  1. Wow 🤯 this is crazy and they are programming the unknowing and they don’t know it. I admit I was one cause this was one of my favorite songs by her but the video was always off to me. Knowing the symbolism behind it and watching it with “open” eyes I can see it!
    In the mirror there were 6 Beyoncé’s, crazy how our subconscious is toyed with.
    Thank You team for opening our eyes!

  2. Wow I used to love this song before I knew the meaning behind it. Great job breaking all this down my mind is definitely blown 🤯

  3. I read the breakdown of this video and lyrics on vigilant citizen back in 2012!so reading all this again is like wow this some heavy shit!

  4. Can you do this on rappers like Megan thee Stallion.

    What is the meaning behind her song with Normani from the Birds of Prey soundtrack?

    Also are all records companies apart of it? Like Interscope.

  5. Great post. Those Elle magazine covers of Beyoncé are so scary and demonic looking. She sold out a long time ago. I can’t get behind anything she does. It’s so annoying that ppl actually worship that woman.

    1. The chorus of sweet dreams always was in my head like wtf is she talking about “ my guilty pleasures i aint going no where, baby as long as you’re here ill be floating on air” like wtf

      1. That’s actually why I can’t stand that song. Esp the chorus, it’s an ear worm that gets played repeatedly.

  6. Hollyweird drops some of tea on this in their movies, Jason Bourne or theThe Manchurian Candidate and many others.

  7. Occults and secret societies are def good at mixing evil and good/pure aspects of spirituality, twisting it all, and confusing people which is obviously part of the point. They will have you running to one form of deceit or another even religiously.

  8. Beautifully written. Vigilant Citizen is my 2nd favorite site behind icydk. This is one of the BEST articles I have ever read. There are so many research points. Your interpretation is impeccable. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for the knowledge.

  9. This was an exquisite breakdown!! I’ve had to read it about three times to really ensure I understood all of it.

  10. Yasss G! This is awesome! Please do more deciphers. I knew this song was just plain old weird years ago. I would always turn it off when it came on the radio

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