October 4, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/10/19

  1. Christopher Maurice Brown is gonna marry amnesia
    Oh lawddddd whyyyy
    Take me to the king
    What’s the tea with Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively? They sound good to be true

  2. I like Amikka and Chris together I think they make a beautiful couple and family and she knows what she’s getting herself into.

  3. Can we get into the city girls? Caresha aint want to be a rapper to start but jt pushed her to do it and now since she just had the baby she look like she just ready to live her life and be done with this. Jt will do whatever for money.

    1. Yes i most Definitely want to hear about them City Girls that look & dress just like they name😩 that dam Caresha(such a ugly name) got a beautiful ass baby!!!! Soooooo pretty!!!!’ I wonder is her bd/bf her handler🤔 i also Wanna kno more about RKelly lil gfs chile. That dam azriel is a dam firecracker !! And Joy i heard She was slow and that her parents was getting a check for her..would make sense the way she walk behind azriel like a puppy

      1. Yes the baby is a lil beauty now that you say that her bd might be but did you see the tweet where jt said when she come from the half way house she gone be in caresha skin like bitch she got a whole family tf you want to be up her ass for. Joy not slow lol she’s just controlled and got stirred the wrong way( my opinion)and if her parents got a check for her they most definitely making her think something wrong with her like alot of our parents when they know they can get cash for their child. SMH i hope she escapes all the bs and really be free.

      2. I stopped making fun of Joycelyn (dumbass name btw) when I realized early on that she was slow. Her mom is an addict (God bless her) and her father is a dried out D-Boy. Poor thing never stood a chance.

    2. No i ddnt see wat JT posted. Where did she post it at? And ur right Caresha has a whole ass baby & man that girl ain’t got time to be playing round wit JT funny looking ass. Like u said she ddnt want to rap it was all JT!! U can tell Caresha was never cut out for this industry shit anyway the way she pop off on them trolls, reminds me of Cardi.

  4. Lizzo is irritating. That’s crazy about the royal family. Stepping down is probably a good idea. Leave that craziness over there.

  5. Lil Wayne is supposed to be with that plus sized model. She’s sporting a ring. I think Lizzo is bigger than he wants to go.

  6. Jillian said nothing wrong. I wish people would stop acting like just because she’s not a person of color that she’s out of pocket for speaking. She was asked about Lizzo and responded appropriately. Jillian has a brand as well and would look crazy if she said anything contrary to that. She made a good point!

    Chris Brown claiming Ammika is cute, but… a leopard doesnt change his spots overnight. hope the best for them though…

    If J-Lo and her mediocre acting wins an Oscar then I need to start playing the lotto because that means anything is possible LOL

    Forget hooking up with anybody else, I need Wayne to clean himself up and give us one last classic album. All mess aside he is a talented rapper.

  7. Yea Lizzo is plus size, but that still wasn’t for Jillian to say. Hunni at this point everyone knows what healthy and unhealthy is. And we also know what we may THINK is a healthy or unhealthy look can be the complete opposite. Jillian needed to mind her business on that one.

    If Chris marries this girl, I only see him embarrassing her by constantly cheating 💁.

    JLO is NOT a great actress by faaaarrr. But I will give her her due, she did a pretty good job in Hustlers… I was shocked 😂.

    1. Jillian was asked a question she didn’t bring Lizzo up in conversation. But Jillian is a fitness coach and was on the Biggest Loser so I understand why the question was asked.

      1. And of course, Lizzo is popular/hot right now and Jillian is doing promo for the Biggest Loser reboot. Which in turns makes that particular question a baited one. I get that she didn’t bring Lizzo. I also get that as a fitness coach she would give that answer. But whether good press or not, it has people talking about Jillian.

  8. I promise Lizzo would not be getting commented on so frequently if she wasn’t a big girl idc what anyone says it’s a subconscious thing. People are so comfortable speaking on her her health and her weight for what reason? I’ve never seen so many people swear up and down somebody is unhealthy or obese when she’s really not that big of a girl. Definitely not obese. So her stamina and vitality is just thrown out the window because she’s big so that means she has diabetes, she’s unhealthy, sick, and should be skinny in order to not be those things? There are hella skinny bitches in the industry not even doing half of what she’s doing at the same time and nobody brings that up. Bitches with all types of eating disorders just to achieve that image. How she do unhealthy singing, dancing, and playing the flute at the same time every damn day

    1. Protect your family Prince Harry!

      Lizzo’s response is so childish. Sometimes no response is warranted.

      Julia Stiles being impressed by J Lo’s acting in Hustler’s is no different than the rest of us because it’s one of her best performances beside Selena – but she won’t win an Oscar for it.

  9. According to GITC, Chris already gave Ammikka a ring…

    I applaud Harry. That’s a real man who loves his woman and wants what’s right for his family. I really hope they make it and that they remain safe.

  10. That Harry sugar makes sense. They came back and did a lil appearance and made sure she was on the 1st thing back to Canada.

    Jlo is getting an oscar for playing a scammer aka herself. Hustlers wasn’t even that good.

  11. 🗣🗣SAVE YO WIFE HARRY‼️‼️👏🏿👏🏿💯💯 I been screammmmmming from day 1 THEY GONNA TRY N DO HER LIKE THEY DID DIANA…… I just felt it in my gut NOW LOOK…..

    I have the upmost respect for Harry! N let’s keep in mind HARRY GOT POWER TOO 💯💯💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  12. Hustlers was such a mediocre movie and the acting was so-so. However, award shows are a joke so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did win😂

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